12-Minute Sport HIIT Workout #6: Cross-Train for Benefits

Cross Train with this 12 minute HIIT workout

Making use of a workout like this for cross-training can help you become stronger and leaner as well as decrease risks of overuse injuries by doing the same type of workout, sport or exercise all of the time. You may be a runner who could run for miles without missing a beat, but you hop on a mountain bike to go for a weekend ride and your legs feel like they are going to explode and your lungs are completely winded. You might be able to lift 200 pounds because you lift weights regularly, but you try to play a friendly game of basketball with your friends and you’re huffing and puffing. [Read more]

Pyramid HIIT Workout #5: Fuel Up Post Interval Workout

After sharing 4 different types of Tabata style workouts this month, I thought I’d post a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout with an increasing ratio of work to rest. Like the Tabata workouts, when it’s time to work, you work as hard as you possibly can. When it’s time to rest, do what it takes to lower your heartrate before you begin the next phase of work.

Pyramid HIIT workout to give your metabolism a boost.

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Tabata Spin Workout #4: Using Your Heart Rate to Train

This Tabata workout is all cardio and it’s designed to use on a stationary bike like the bikes used for Spinning classes. Those bikes are created to simulate road bikes. These drills won’t work as well on your typical exercise bike. If you don’t have access to a bike like this or you don’t have a bike trainer to use at home, it could easily be utilized on other cardio equipment like an elliptical trainer. When it says “hill”, adjust resistance. When it says “sprint” or “fast”, then increase your speed. Just remember to make the adjustments big enough and fast enough to work at maximum effort.

Tabata SPIN workout

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Tabata Style Boxing Workout #3: HIIT it!

The way this workout is used requires some dedication and determination. It’s focus is the shoulders with some cardiovascular active rests. It won’t feel exactly like the other two workouts we’ve done this month because it’s boxing focused AND it has active recovery segments rather than 10 seconds of stopping and resting. Because it won’t take our heartrate to the max, the high intensity needs to come from a non-stop, all out punch behind every boxing move.

tabata boxing 3

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Tabata Style HIIT Workout #2

You’re more likely to hit your target if you keep your eyes on it. Nothing brilliant about that statement. I think basketball players would agree that it’s easier to make a basket by focusing on a particular area of the hoop every time, every shot. Same principle applies to working out. The exercise itself is a means of getting somewhere. It’s possible that you don’t have a specific “somewhere” to get to, but most people have in mind at least one benefit or goal they’d like to see happen by way of working out. It could be weight loss, a race, a fitness assessment to pass to qualify for a job, lowering cholesterol or rehabing a bad leg. Whatever the goal, your eyes need to be focused on it and what you do to get there matters. [Read more]

10 Tabata and/or HIIT Workouts and April Workout Calendar

You’ve heard about Tabata and maybe you’ve seen the acronym HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You might know what they are, but have never tried them. Or maybe you doubt the benefits that people rave about with these short, but intense workouts. If you are unsure of what Tabata training is, read this post that gives you a bit of background and purpose for this style of training. At the very least, you’ll be intrigued by the amount of attention these workouts get and might be willing to try them.

If you are all ready a fan, I don’t have to explain or convince you to try them. You are well aware of the changes that occur in your body by applying this method. I am encouraging fans, skeptics, people looking for something new and people looking for a challenge to take the month of April and follow this Tabata Training calendar. I will be sharing 10 different Tabata or HIIT workouts throughout the month and will also give recommendations for the in between days. I will give some pointers for how to get the most out of the training schedule and ways to accommodate where needed. Most of the workouts included will be things you can do at home or with little equipment so almost everyone could jump in the fun. Let’s take a look at the calendar and let me explain how this will work. [Read more]

Tricks to Trash the Late Night Snacking


There may be nothing wrong with your snack at the end of your night, but if you’re trying to lose weight and you’re eating out of habit and not with the purpose of refueling, then maybe you should consider these tricks to get rid of the munchies. [Read more]

4 Post-Workout Mistakes that Keep You from Losing Weight


This year was the year you were going to keep that New Years Resolution. This was the year you’d lose your weight and keep it off for good. You hit the ground running on January 1st and by the end of the month, you lost some weight and were feeling great! February rolls around and between that darn cold that would never go away and your aching knees, you didn’t exercise as much, but you didn’t give up. You’ve done better this month by making it to the gym and trying to eat healthy, but the weight is not budging. It can’t be that you’ve hit a plateau could it? What’s going wrong? Maybe it’s not the workout that’s going wrong or the nutrition. Maybe it’s what happens right AFTER your workout that is keeping you from losing weight. Here are 4 Post-Workout mistakes that might be the culprit. [Read more]

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Reason

Where there’s a will, there’s a deep seated reason for the “way”. For the will to be strong, the reason needs to be deep. An athlete in training will find a way to keep pressing through if their goal is to qualify for the Olympics and they are close to reaching their lifelong dream. Someone newly diagnosed with Type II Diabetes will find a way to balance their eating and their blood sugars if their desire to feel good, not decline rapidly in health or even lose limbs or organ function is reason enough. A nursing mom like myself will find a way to not eat a trace of dairy if her baby is struggling with digesting it and is hurting all day. A family will change the way they eat if it helps their little brother not have seizures any longer. [Read more]

Change Up the Push-Up and Turn Up Your Results

muscles that the push ups works

If I could give an MVP award to one exercise, the award would go to Mr. Push-up. We have a love/hate relationship. Push-ups are hard, but effective. They have been around for ages and there are dozens of ways to vary them to change up the emphasis of the workload and the benefits of the movement. The push-up is not just an upper body exercise, your core is an integral part of the movement too. I know this firsthand. [Read more]