Aerobic Energy System

The aerobic system is a complex collection of several different components sometimes collectively called oxidative metabolism. Because of its ability to use carbohydrates, fats, and proteins as sources of fuel, and because it produces only carbon dioxide and water as end products, the aerobic system has a virtually unlimited capacity for making ATP. Its complexity […]

Energy Production During Exercise

Focus Human skeletal muscle contains a variety of fuels and enzymes that allow it to provide energy in a number of ways. Exercise physiologists have categorized these fuels and enzymes into “energy systems” and have described their importance for different types of exercise. Changes within the muscle itself, dependent on the duration and intensity of […]

Acupuncture Anesthesia Points

According to Surgical Procedure Craniotomy Body Points RX I. Chuan Liao (141, SI 18) Tsu Lin Chi (228, GB 41) Tai Chung (322, LI 3) Hsien Ku (185, ST 43) RX 2. Tsan Chu (233, BL 2) Shuai Ku (195, GB 8) needle to Ting Hui (189, GB 2) Ehr Men (121, TH 21) Ear […]

Needle Manipulation in Acupuncture

Manual Stimulation When the needle is inserted to the desired depth and the Teh Chi sensation obtained, the needle should then be twirled and rotated back and forth in an arc of not more than 360° and with a frequency of about 120-150 twirls/ min. An up-and-down movement of the needle to a depth of […]

Acupuncture as a Method of Surgical Anesthesia

General Considerations Although acupuncture has been practiced in China for more than 3,000 years, acupuncture anesthesia for surgical purposes was only developed and first used in 1958. It is an achievement that stems directly from a meaningful interaction between traditional Chinese medical practices and modern Western theories of neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. In the late 1950s, […]

Embedding Catgut in Tissue and Cupping

The embedding of catgut at acupuncture points is a therapy recently intro­duced by a Chinese medical group in Peking. A catgut suture is embedded around a selected point. As the catgut is absorbed into the tissue, continuous stimulation is produced at the acupuncture point which prolongs the effect and obviates the need for frequent needling. […]

Drug Injection at Acupuncture Points and Massage In Acupuncture

An interesting recent development has been the use of certain kinds of drugs injected directly into acupuncture points. It has been found that the therapeutic dose for an injection can be reduced to between one-tenth and one-half the conventional dose. A long, thin hypodermic needle is inserted at the selected point. Once the Teh Chi […]

The Evolution Of Fitness

Ever-Changing concept In 1983, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) set out to address the needs of an enthusiastic, emergent profession of fitness instructors. So new and unproven, yet they were several steps ahead of a growing body of research for group exercise. AFAA gathered the best and the brightest among exercise physiologists, […]

The Holistic Way to Stay Young

In holistic medicine, staying young is not done by dealing with a single system or function of the body, but with the application of multiple therapies and preventive measures to off set the effects of environmental stress. In his book, Stay Young, Dr. Popov, says: “In the past few decades, I have witnessed extraordinary progress […]

Aromatherapy, Thalassotherapy and Phytotherapy

Aromatherapy may be the oldest of treatments. It is now seeing a rebirth among holistic thinkers. Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils through topical applications and inhalations to give a stimulating or tranquilizing effect, depending upon the oil applied. Some of the oils have marked anti-bacterial or anti-fungal action superior to the various […]