Commonly Used Extrameridian (EM) Points

Commonly Used Extrameridian (EM) Points Yin Tang (EM) “Hall of Seals” Located in the midpoint between the eyebrows in the frontalis and corrugator supercilii muscles (Fig. 10). Nerve Supply Supratrochlear branch of the frontal nerve derived from the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve; temporal branch of the facial nerve Blood Supply Frontal artery Method […]

Lower Extremity Acupuncture Points

Lower Extremities (22 Points) Ruan Tiao (217, GB 30) Located two-thirds laterally on a line joining the greater trochanter of the femur and the hiatus of the sacrum. It is in the center of the triangle formed by the gluteal tuberosity, the iliac tuberosity, and the superior posterior iliac spine, and is bounded posteriorly by […]

How Can You Help Carry Out The Health Program At School?

If someone were to ask you about your health program at school, what would come to your mind? Would you think merely of the class in hygiene or health in which you study this book? Or would you think of the many things that are done throughout the day to keep you well and strong? […]

How Can You Help Others To Avoid Accidents And Sickness?

The people of a community work together somewhat as do the links of a chain. No one lives entirely to him­self. He depends upon others to get many of the things he needs. Others depend upon him. While one man is doing something for others, others are doing something for him. This is true not […]

How Do Hospitals Help To Take Care Of You?

The word hospital comes from a Roman word which means an inn, a place where guests may go. A hospital thus has always been a place where the sick are guests. Long before the time of Christ, the kings of India, Persia, and Arabia set up hospitals to provide treatment for their subjects. Some of […]

Upper Extremity Acupuncture Points

Upper Extremities (18 Points) Shao Shang (62, LU 11) Located on the radial aspect of the thumb about 0.1 tsun posterior to the lateral angle of the nail (Fig. 20). Nerve Supply Lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (C6, 7); superficial branch of the radial nerve (C6); palmar digital branch of the median nerve (C6, 7, 8) […]

How May You Be Taken Care Of At Home?

“I have never been sick in my life” is a saying that is seldom heard. Nearly everybody becomes ill at some time or other. The illness may be caused by disease germs, by the use of too many sweet foods in the diet, by failure to get rid of body waste materials promptly, by the […]

What Experts Help To Take Care Of Your Body?

The body, as you have already discovered, is very complex. It is made up of many kinds of tissues and organs, which carry on many kinds of work. Moreover, the various tissues and organs work together; and when something causes one or more of them to get out of order the effects may be felt […]

Upper and Lower Back Acupuncture Points

Upper and Lower Back (12 Points) Pai Huan Shu (261, BL 30) Located at the level of the fourth sacral foramen 1.5 tsun lateral to the dorsal midline of the sacral hiatus and medial to the greater sciatic foramen (Fig. 17). Nerve Supply Posterior branch of the fifth lumbar nerve (LS); posterior branches of the […]

How Do Germs Affect The Body?

Ever since Leeuwenhoek made the first microscope, men have been learning more and more about bacteria and the other tiny living things that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. They may be seen on almost anything examined under the microscope, such as food, clothing, books, playthings, and even particles of dust […]