What duh Heck is DAT? Mystery Foods Identified: Jicama

My 3 year old started saying “What duh heck?” at age 2. I know. Not funny and some would say that’s offensive. But, I have to admit, I giggled the first several times he said it. Coming out of a little boy’s mouth with a 2 year old lisp, it sounds pretty funny. Anyway, he doesn’t say it as often any more, but I’m hearing it more from my older kids these days. It mostly comes out of their mouths when staring at their dinner plates. [Read more]

I’m Causing a Break-up at My House

That’s it. It’s over. That relationship is no longer working for me and it’s only making my life miserable. It’s time for some time apart, some mutual distance and separation. It’s actually not my relationship, it’s my son’s relationship. It’s not with a girl, it’s with his I-POD. [Read more]

Why Your Desk Job is Affecting Your Health

This does not qualify as a note from your doctor excusing you from work. It’s also not intended to be used as your reasoning in your letter of resignation. After reading this, you can just consider yourself “aware.” Hopefully, awareness will cause you to be proactive. [Read more]

What duh Heck is DAT? Mystery Foods Identified: Quinoa

While this food is becoming more and more standard in the American diet, I still find that I run into people who at the very least, don’t know how to pronounce it. Quinoa. If you say it right, it makes you feel like you’re speaking French or something. Pronounced “KEEN-wa”, this little seed is often mistaken for a grain. It’d actually be considered a pseudo-grain or pseudo-cereal. This just means that is has a similar look and nutrient profile as other cereals and grains, but is actually related to the beets, chard and spinach family. The leaves of the quinoa plant can be eaten as well. [Read more]

Summer Garden Recipe Goodness

Summer is my favorite time of year for produce selections. I’m not a green thumb, but I’m determined to become one someday when I grow up (or maybe when I’m not growing a ‘kid’ garden)! There’s nothing like fresh fruits and veggies from your own garden. I’ve only gotten to experience this thanks to neighbors and friends who DO have a green thumb and put in all of the time and effort it takes to tend to a garden. Thank goodness for overproducing plants! They have to share with me! [Read more]

“All Natural” versus “Organic” – Busted!

Walking down the snack aisle of the grocery store, you can scan the shelves stocked with chips and snack crackers and see packaging with bright colors, eye popping graphics and words that appeal to the desire to be healthy. Those words are the same words that somehow fool us into thinking that chips can be good for you. Tell me exactly how a bright orange, leave a stain on your fingers kind of orange, puffy chip-like stick is “natural” as it states on the package. Seriously, who are you fooling? Apparently, many people. What about the rubbery, fruit shaped, rainbow colored fruit snacks that are “natural”? What is the definition of natural anyway? We should probably know what is meant by “natural” because it doesn’t mean the same thing as organic.

All natural versus organic on food labels. [Read more]

Diet: It Can Hurt You or Heal You

Never thought I’d be writing a post like this if I’m totally honest with you. Not that I haven’t always believed that nutrition is a key to weight loss and overall health, but I hadn’t ever spent too much time studying beyond basic nutrition. I didn’t have time. Or maybe I should say, I didn’t take the time. If you knew what I know now and if you had a motivation like I have had, then you might be writing a post like this yourself. My son has epilepsy…at least he did. [Read more]

Woman Reveals Food Marketers’ Secret Weapon and Audience is Disgusted

A friend shared this video with me. I find myself frequently informing my clients about the difference between a food label, a nutrition label, and a product package. The food and nutrition labels in most cases includes information required by the FDA to inform the public as to what they are eating. But, the colors of the package, some of the verbage on the package, the imagery of the package…these are all marketing. [Read more]

Circuit Training: Exercise Buzz Words

Don’t mistake circuit training as being an easy round of a few exercises on machines sitting in a circle. That may be one way a “circuit” is set up, but more commonly, a circuit training workout will get your heart rate up and it will stay up the whole workout as you move quickly from one exercise to the other. Circuit training workouts are great strength training workouts with cardiovascular benefits and fit well into busy lifestyles.

Circuit training workout to blast fat and get lean. [Read more]

Resistance Training: Exercise Buzz Words

Resistance training not resisting training. Resisting training is an attitude issue not a type of exercise. I’ve had a lot of clients who have resisted training mainly because they were afraid of it. That’s not what I’m referring to in this post. You’ve probably heard those words in passing, maybe you’ve even used those words […]