A New Way of Training – 1 Minute’s

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This is a new workout technique from Zen to Fitness which seems to work great not only for results but in its ability to give the body a new shock and cause a certain adaptation, which essentially what we are all looking to achieve from a workout.

The basic principle is doing 1 minute of each exercise non stop and working through the body in the following order:

- Legs
- Upper Body
- Core

Therefore 4-5 exercises are picked for each section and each done for a total of 1 minute. Without rest or just enough to compose yourself you go on with the next exercise. All in all the workouts with a warmup and stretch at the end come in at well under 20 minutes and are very effective.
Of course they can be done with just bodyweight or you can use some simple equipment – for instance yesterday I did a workout myself with just a kettlebell and an ab wheel using the 1 minute format. A dyna band is another cheap and easy tool which you can use to add variety to workouts.

The great thing about the workout is the burn, this works for a great pump and as well as an effective way to build the muscle not only in size but for endurance. I have no doubt this workout is a great one for athletes or those training to look better. The other benefit is that time fly’s by and the workout is fun and over in no time. A timer that beeps every minute is also very useful when doing this type of workout.

One tweak that maybe needed is scaling – For instance on certain exercises you may need to slow down, go to the easier variety (kneeling push ups or jumping pull-ups) but so long as you keep some variations in mind and keep the flow of work during the minute you will have a great workout. Here is an example of a workout using the principle:

- Body Weight Squats
- Lunges (1 minute each leg)
- Body Weight Squats with legs wide (work inner thighs)
- Reverse Lunges (1 minute each side)

- Pushups
- Pullups
- Close Grip Pushups
- Dynaband Rows
- Dyna Band Lateral Raises

- Ab Walkouts
- Plank
- Crunches

That is a total of 14 exercises and the workout should take around 15-16 minutes. This is a pretty advanced example and if you are a beginner don’t hesitate to cut off a few exercises to make the workout more manageable – even doing 2-3 exercises per body part can make for a very challenging workout in well under fifteen minutes.

That is it – give it a try and let us know what you think by dropping a line on Twitter @zentofitness


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