4 Ways To Nourish The Body

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When we think of the word “Nourish” many things spring to mind like soothing, protecting, warming and health and that is exactly what good food can do for you, it can nourish your body and mind keeping them healthy, full of vitality and at peace. Some of my favorite foods are also some of the most nourishing to the body and present different values and benefits.


Coconuts are amazing they hold so many benefits and can be savored in many different ways. I was first introduced to coconuts at a local market where they were chopped open so you could drink the water then cut up into segments so the flesh could be scooped out, I have written about the experience over here…..

Anyhow this led me to start eating coconut on a regular basis, I always keep a pot of coconut oil in the pantry which I use for cooking instead of olive oil as it ca cope with much higher levels of heat plus it works as an excellent non stick agent when pan frying foods. Amazingly it has a very neutral taste so it can be used in any dishes. As well as this I often keep a few cartons of coconut water in the fridge for the most refreshing drink wither post workout or on a hot summer’s afternoon. So how can Coconut nourish the body?

  • Antibacterial effect on the gut (killing of yeast)
  • Metabolism boosting effects
  • Safeguards the body against cancer
  • Coconut water is a universal donor– Its identical to human blood plasma – this is the most amazing one!

Unfortunately good coconut based products can be pretty expensive but a little gets a long way so they are definitely worth it. One tip to look out for when buying coconut oil is to make sure it has a faint smell of coconut, otherwise it is probably rancid…..

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea’s are amazing for their versatility. They are not only delicious but there is just about a different type of tea for every ailment.

Food Is Thy Medicine – Socrates

For instance if you are feeling tense after a tough day at work nothing works better than a cup of Chamomile tea or Rooibos. Or if you have a stomach ache there is no better tummy soother than a cup of peppermint tea. Here is a list of some of the best natural remdies from herbal tea.

  • Relax and Unwind – Chamomile or Kava Kava
  • Put a Spring in your Step – Yerba Mate or Black Tea
  • Energize and Calm – Green Tea
  • All Day Calming – Rooibos
  • Cleanse and Detox - Nettle
  • Sooth the Stomach – Peppermint and Fennel

Pretty amazing stuff which you can either buy bagged or use the herbs fresh. One tea that is awesome fresh is a swiss mountain tea which my brother introduced to me, Its simple to make and requires only: Fresh Basil, Thyme and a spoonful of mountain honey. Simply stick a load of the fresh leaves in a mug and add boiling water, stir for a few minutes the add the honey. Its an amazing afternoon tea to open up your head and airways….

Fresh Fish

Fresh oily fish is amazing thanks to it being the exclusive source for Omega 3′s which are vital to our nervous systems health. Unfortunately not enough is consumed in most countries these days due partly it being expensive but more likely due to it being slightly harder than other sources of protein to prepare. If you can include some oily fish in your diet a few times a week your set and will feel all the benefits.

Some great ways to incorporate fish into the diet is to keep a few cans of Salmon, and Sardines in the cupboard for quick ad-hoc meals. They are simple to throw over a salad and yu have yourself a quick and simple meal check the recipe below which is a favourite of Art Devany.

Picture 2I also like to keep some Organic smoked salmon in the fridge as it lasts ages and goes perfectly with a few boiled eggs to make a really tasty and healthy breakfast. Omega 3′s can reduce inflammation, improve concentration and help keep a healthy blood lipid profile making fish an essential part of the human diet.


Keeping a healthy gut is a key part to feeling good and effectively digesting your food. What’s the best way to do this? Simply by eating fermented foods as often as you can. Things like:

  • Cultured Yoghurt
  • Kefir
  • Sauerkraut
  • Miso Soup

By including these foods especially Kefir which is best drunk on an empty stomach a few times a week you will nourish your stomach which plays a key role in Serotonin release (the feel good chemical) plus your digestion will improve. This is especially important in this day and age where a lot of people suffer from things like leaky gut syndrome which causes a malabsorption of nutrients which can lead to things like lethargy, cramps and a host of other symptoms.

Also Always go for Full-Fat dairy products and avoid the fat free stuff that is devoid of nutrition, of course they are higher in calories but the fat is needed for absorption of the nutrients in our food.


By keeping these items regular in your diet you will give your body the vitality it needs to cope with the demands of modern life. Try including some of these foods for a few days and notice the difference in how you feel!


  1. Mrs Evil Genius says

    Wonderful post! I’ve been meaning to try some of the different herb teas, too.

    That video is BRILLIANT! Everyone should be required to sit down and view that vid and think about it!

  2. Greg at Live Fit says

    This is a good refresher. I’ve tried some of them in the past, but somehow just forgotten. I personally have found kefir to be far superior to yogurt. Have enjoyed rooibos as well. Personally, I’m not a huge coconut person, but my wife loves it. Never heard the part about using coconut water as human plasma!

  3. Anastasiya says

    The part about herbal tea is great. I am a huge fan of tea and I am always looking for some new tastes to try. Basil and thyme sounds very tasty and both of them grow in my garden. I’ll definitely try it today.

    @ Anastasiya: As you have them fresh its going to taste amazing. Just add a small spoon of honey and you have one of the best afternoon drinks going…..

  4. Tulsa 28 says

    Coconut water is really good for a hangover I found out recently!! I drink it often, use coconut oil often. Also yerba mate=lots of energy, kava kava = mellow. I’m not a huge fan of the taste of kava tea, tastes like dirt, sometimes I suck it up though.I do need ot add more fatty fish, or just remember to take my fish oils. Very good list!

  5. Mike OD - Fitness Spotlight says

    Great stuff Chris!

    I have to say my favorite way to nourish the body….is just go somewhere and relax with a good book outside…nothing like a healthy body when you are not stressed out all the time!

    @ MOD: That’s the truth and why its great to take a break this summer especially for those working in a stressful environment. Nothing better than a couple days outdoors with nothing but good company and a good book enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

  6. Terry says

    Great information. Thanks. I love Rooibos too.

    @ Terry: I am a huge fan of Rooibos for afternoon and evening drinking, usually its coffee in the AM the Rooibos the rest of the day. Check out my post on Rooibos tea over here…….

  7. Jeff Sherman says

    Loved the article – especially the shout out to coconut. I was first introduced to the benefits of coconut water in Brazil where they collect the coconut juice from green coconuts. Its a great cleanser for the body and frequently used there to cure hangovers!

    @ Jeff: Thanks for checking in. I can personally attest to the hangover cure its unbelievable stuff and on a hot summer weekend I always keep a carton handy in the fridge……

  8. Liam | EverythingZing says

    “Also Always go for Full-Fat dairy products and avoid the fat free stuff that is devoid of nutrition” Spot on Chris.

    Great post and amazing video clip! Who is that guy? Genius! I cannot understand the obsession with reducing fat in the diet and forgetting to think about refined sugar.

  9. pjnoir says

    As a diabetic, two tablespoons of coconut oil mixed in water (sometimes with water soluble fiber) does a GREAT job at lowering my glucose levels.

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