5 Reasons to Workout fasted

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Jordan Fischer
Zach Klein

5 Reasons morning cardio/workouts rock

I have always been a fan of working out fasted (first thing in the morning) I usually wake up, browse the net and drink a cup of black coffee and then have a workout, which is often a jog if the weather is nice out. This article is going to run over some of the benefits of training this way;

  • AM exercise magnifies a positive hormonal response, working out later in the day will enhance cortisol and this is not a good thing before you hit the sack.
  • Food releases insulin which blunts fat burning. When you wake Insulin is at its lowest allowing the most fat to be burnt.
  • Cardio in the morning wakes you up and gets your body in action for the day, flushing out your lymphatic system and ensuring a flow of energy.
  • It will activate your lean and hungry adaptive mechanism which will burn fat and build muscle, especially if you have a fasted weights workout which hits your back and shoulder area (try sprints and pushups).
  • Insulin sensitivity is further improved and fasting is prolonged which can have great health benefits, including improved fat loss without disrupting our hormonal balance.

Those are reason enough and with summer you have no excuse to hit the park/road and have a morning workout.

From my own experience I find that doing weight training when totally fasted should be done but be careful not to go too hard as it can compromise your mood and well being. Try a short and intense weights workout without too much volume that does not take longer than 30 minutes. Check out this article on Kelly Frankson’s site for some more reading on the topic.


  1. Tom Parker says

    Great post. When I manage to get myself up in time I always try to go for a jog before work. It really energises me and gets me ready for the day.

  2. Ryan says

    What exactly qualifies as “Fasted”

    On days i workout i avoid eating 3 hours prior which is no 8+ hours compared to overnight

    @ Ryan: I would consider the easiest way to workout fasted would be first thing in the morning upon waking. This gets you in an easy fasted state and leaves you fresh and light for a workout. If you are working out in the day I would give it at least 3+ hours before starting but I have heard numbers like 5-6 hours are better. However the best way is upon waking in my experience….

  3. bodydetoxdiet says

    i do a lot of Cardio workout routines in the morning. it helped me lose body fat and keeps me fit. jogging is an example of a simple cardio workout.

  4. Michelle says

    With work & my studies i just have weekends for the gym. This includes a 30 minute walk to the gym from home and a 30 minute swim and the long walk back, am then ready to break the fast & get some food!! Its then ready to face the day by 8.00:))

    very motivational post! thanks..

  5. natalie says

    but what about people who say you should eat right when you wake up to kick start your metabolism? not in this case? and should you eat right after. i would assume you’d be famished and light headed after an intense cardio workout.

    @ Natalie: See how you feel, As I mentioned in the article I suggest lighter workouts totally fasted but for anything more strenuous it is always best to eat before…


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