5 Ways to Feel Great today

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Feel great TODAY

How often do you wake up feeling good but just not as good as you could, here are 5 things you should do today to turn your day from ordinary to Extraordinary!


Make a great playlist, load up your iPod and go have a great workout. Doesn’t matter if you go for a run, bike ride or go hit the weights in the gym or even a mix of all of them. just try to break a sweat and get those feel good hormones flowing. I usually find that exercising first thing in the morning leaves me in the best mindset for the rest of the day. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and leaves the rest of the day open to a whole world of possibilities, getting me in that Everyday Mindset.

Appreciate the Simple Things

Our world is filled with simple wonders have you ever stopped to appreciate

  • How our bodies heal itself when hurt or injured
  • That your brain send a message making your hand open or close on command
  • Thoughts keep appearing out of nowhere
  • You sleep, you Awake from sleep
  • You have total control over your thoughts

Be Kind and Help others

Doing this will breed happiness and confidence. There is an unexplained satisfaction that comes from a job well done especially when it helps other. I have found the only way to be truly happy is to do something constructive while being positive.

Make others happy and this will make you happy; give genuine compliments, listen to what friends and family have to say and have compassion for people you meet. When doing this you will see it is hard to harbor destructive feelings like hate, anger and jealousy.


This week I have read some outstanding articles on the internet covering everything from a wide variety of topics. Here are some of my favourite’s:

Abundance Blog – How to be Happy

Olympic Strength – Its in all of us

20 Questions to ask yourself every Sunday

Mark’s Daily Apple – Primal Blueprint

And of course once your away from the computer sit down and give yourself 30 minutes of alone time to read a good book!

Eat Good Food

Avoid all processed garbage, start your day with some nuts and berries which are in season now making them affordable and tasty. Drink water throughout the day and brew up a few cups of green tea. Remember food is a basically a drug and within minutes of ingestion causes an chemical releases in your brain affecting how you feel. If you don’t believe me think back to how you feel after a few beers!

By eating good natural food you will stay fresh, hydrated and your brain will function well releasing all the right feel good hormones which are essential to feeling good and having the energy you need to have a productive day.

Bonus Tips

-Take a siesta/nap this afternoon if you can, nothing feels better

-Try and get some sunlight and fresh air if its a nice day go for a walk

-Speak to everyone, for some reason speaking to strangers feels good

-Watch Inspirational video’s on YouTube. Click Here………


  1. Lance says

    Great list! I really like the one about appreciating the simple things. It’s these things I tend to overlook, and when you really think about them (like the ones on your list), you do really feel grateful. And feeling grateful is a wonderful way to have a great day!

    Thanks for including me on this list – I’m honored!

  2. Chris says

    @ Marelisa, I need to thank you for the inspiration yesterday when I read the post I linked I was blown away, e-mailed it to several of my closest freinds and relatives!

    @ Mark Sisson. Wow I am honored to have you posting on my blog, I am a huge fan and you really are an inspiration to me.

    @ Lance. Lance I actually remembered some of those from a book called ‘constructive living’ by David K Reynolds whenever I think about them they make me deeply appreciative of what I have.

  3. Brooklynne says

    I have noticed that when I don’t feel well I love to do a little yoga, I also love the idea on here about reading… there’s nothing better than reading some inspirational thoughts or poems. Right now I am reading Emily Dickenson’s poems! What a great read!


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