A Guide To Good Digestive Health

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The Key to Health

Your digestive system is key to your health, its as simple as that. Your stomach is filled with billion’s of types of bacteria which keep you in good health and help you digest your food, absorb nutrients and keep things flowing. Your digestion and gut health functioning well is also the key to serotonin release (the feel good hormone) so if your gut isn’t in good order your not going to be feeling good.

It isn’t hard to fix up your gut but if you don’t know how then you may be stuck in a muddle. Here are some steps to get things cleaned up and on your way to optimum health!


You don’t need to take these year round but an initial course is a cost effective way to clean things up and get your gut en route to good health. The beneficial bacteria in caps of pro-biotics will help re-balance your stomach’s good/bad bacteria, this is key as the problem with most people’s gut health is that their bacteria balance is totally out of whack! Try and buy a good brand that contain 5 billion spores of various bacteria strains per capsule. Take a few of these a day (with meals) for about a week. That’s all just a short hard course to get things cleaned up. I am also sure you will notice improvements in digestion, and general well-being within hours of taking your first capsules. The stuff is pretty amazing!

Fermented Foods

I know these foods don’t appeal to everyone as they have an acquired vinegary taste but try and get your hands on some Saurkraut. Its available cheaply from most health food stores and goes nicely with meat dishes (think organic steak or sausages). Another good option is some Kefir. This is basically a fermented yoghurt drink which is packed full of good bacteria its available at health food stores and should be drunk alone (away from other foods) first thing in the morning is a good idea, just drink it and let it sit don’t drink too much water around it as it needs to be left to do its work re-balancing the gut. A nice dose of Saurkraut and Kefir a few times a week will send you well on your way to superb digestive health!

Other Easy Gut Cleanups

Well those are the main ways to invest in your gut to keep it clean and in good working order I would also suggest the following to increase your secretion of stomach acid and therefore allow you to absorb more nutrients.

- Have a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar at the start of meals

- Start the day with some Lemon in Hot water

Also try drinking water with wedges of lemon or lime squeezed in between meals. This will not only alkalize your body but it will help digestion and keep your insides healthy. So in conclusion:

  • Invest in some Pro-Biotics and do a short course
  • Implement Cultured foods into your diet
  • Shot’s of ACV before big meals
  • Hot Lemon Water upon waking
  • Don’t drink too much liquid with meals (dilutes digestive enzymes)
  • Don’t waste your money on expensive pro-biotic drinks!

These are some really easy quick fixes that will help you feel so much better. Investing in your digestive health really pays off and its something you should look into starting as soon as possible, you will notice the results within days!


  1. Steve L says


    apparently hes a personal trainer in the gym where I work out. Intriguing coincidence. Anyway love zentofitness, keep up the stellar work!

  2. Paul says

    I’ve had a number of intestinal issues in the past 8 years: colon cancer, inflammation, polyps, hemorrhoids, and so on. My GP developed a protocol which has proven successful with me and others. 1. 1 tbs. of flaxseed oil 2. Probiotics, preferably VSL #3, because it contains 450 billion bacteria per serving 3. 1 tsp. of l-glutamine 4. Plant sterols, preferably by Moducare, and 5. Several slugs of aloe vera. Everything is to be taken first thing in the morning, except for the aloe vera, which can be taken 3-4 times throughout the day. All told, this program is not cheap,but you only have to go to some of the IBS/Colitis threads/blogs to get a sense of how a lack of colon health can make your life miserable.

  3. Terry says

    Another great post. Thanks for the info.

    I do agree that taking care of your digestion is a major factor in keeping the whole bod humming along smoothly.

    I’ve also recently read pro-biotics are good for the liver for some reason.

    Thanks also to Paul for the ad-on info.

  4. Carlos says

    Great Blog, I just found it and I have liked it a lot. What role does fiber and fiber supplements take in this? Also, what are your thoughts on cleansing pills/programs? There are a lot of things out there now but I am never sure who or what to trust.

    @ Carlos: Thanks for the comment. You will find if you have sufficient dietary fiber in your diet (loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts etc) there is no need for fiber supplements as they can sometimes make things worse…..Just stick to whole foods and drink loads of fresh room temperature water (between meals, not with as it messes up digestion) and you will be fine. For cleansing the best method I have found is a Lemon in hot water for a few mornings, maybe even throw in a dash of sea salt……….Also try a course of good pro-biotics if you really want to clean out your gut!


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