The Aromatherapeutic Garden

What better way to receive the aromatherapeutic effects of herbs, flowers, trees and grasses than directly as nature intended? Even moist earth smells wonderful, especially during hot weather, when the first summer rains fall on the parched meadows causing the soil to release its enigmatic fragrance. Then there is the scent of honeysuckle heavy on […]

The Aromatic Pet

In Elizabethan times, the best perfumes would make one smell ‘as sweet as any lady’s dog’. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this was never said in jest. Indeed, the animal would have costly aromatics rubbed into its coat before being carried around by its owner when making social calls. Judging by the soporific […]

Home Sweet Home – Essential Oils in Your House

Although essential oils are potent antiseptics, most are too expensive for the average homemaker to use freely for such purposes as one would normally use household disinfectant, so the best way to ensure that your home is fragrant and germ free is to make good use of the vaporiser. However, there are several other ways […]

Drug Injection at Acupuncture Points

An interesting recent development has been the use of certain kinds of drugs injected directly into acupuncture points. It has been found that the therapeutic dose for an injection can be reduced to between one-tenth and one-half the conventional dose. A long, thin hypodermic needle is inserted at the selected point. Once the Teh Chi […]

Mechanism of the Acupuncture Effect

Western physicians as a group remain skeptical as to the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy and doubtful about the practicality of incorporating it into the main body of acceptable Western medical practice. Acupuncture analgesia is a case in point. Most Western physicians are of the opinion that any success in controlling pain can be attributed to […]

The Management of Chronic Pain with Acupuncture

The use of acupuncture for pain control is less controversial. In 1973, the New York State Commission on Acupuncture summarized its recommendation as follows: “Acupuncture may bring partial or total relief from some acute or chronic pain conditions; it may restore to a healthful state in certain disorders; it can be in selected cases an […]

Treatment of Deafness with Acupucnture

Stapes immobilization, introduced into the United States by Rosen, has improved hearing loss in many patients with conductive disturbances. It has, however, little to offer patients with sensorineural deafness. Newspaper reports from China indicate some improvement of 80% of children deaf and mute since birth after acupuncture therapy, and that one of every six children […]

Current Acupuncture Research

Over the past two decades, the four most interesting developments in acupuncture practice both inside and outside China have been the performing of major surgery using acupuncture “anesthesia,” the use of acupuncture for alleviating deafness, for controlling pain associated with a wide variety of diseases, and for treating a number of functional disorders. Some highlights […]

Acupuncture Anesthesia Points

According to Surgical Procedure Craniotomy Body Points RX I. Chuan Liao (141, SI 18) Tsu Lin Chi (228, GB 41) Tai Chung (322, LI 3) Hsien Ku (185, ST 43) RX 2. Tsan Chu (233, BL 2) Shuai Ku (195, GB 8) needle to Ting Hui (189, GB 2) Ehr Men (121, TH 21) Ear […]

Needle Manipulation in Acupuncture

Manual Stimulation When the needle is inserted to the desired depth and the Teh Chi sensation obtained, the needle should then be twirled and rotated back and forth in an arc of not more than 360° and with a frequency of about 120-150 twirls/min. An up-and-down movement of the needle to a depth of between […]