How to Accelerate Your Arm Development if You Have Weak Arms

You’re a regular lifter. You walk into the gym week after week, doing all your sets and reps exactly as prescribed. And after a few months, you still don’t look good in those t-shirts because your arms are too skinny. Meanwhile, you see people walking all around your gym with massive biceps. These people don’t […]

The Dangers of 5-Hour Energy Drinks

5-Hour Energy drinks have been found to pose a variety of risks to users, and some of these risks can be exaggerated based on one’s age or preexisting health conditions. It is therefore critical to gain awareness of the potential health hazards this drink may have, and to question if the promise of a temporary […]

Krav Maga: The Art of Brutality

Of all the myths surrounding martial arts, perhaps the most pervasive is the idea that your board kicking skills will be useful in an actual fight. One has only to watch an MMA fight, or security footage of a bar room brawl, to see that real combat has as much in common with the slow, […]

Why a person should stop smoking?

Imagine two people walking to their cars, both are heavyset, but one far more than the other. Both finally quit smoking two months ago. The heavier of the two has gotten even heavier; and his many health problems have gotten worse. The other is heavy too, but he is already twenty pounds lighter than he […]

Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury

Experts predicted that the Internet would revolutionize the global economy. It certainly has greatly influenced the way many of us spend our time at work and at home. Computer technology has allowed us to work faster, harder and with less change of pace and variety in the physical tasks we perform. But the human body was not designed to operate like a machine. Humans must still work at a human pace or suffer the consequences. [Read more]

Smart Body Moves

You’re a very busy person who finds it difficult to put aside a half- hour every day for working out. You’d love to find simple exercises you could conveniently fit into your daily schedule. Particularly welcome would be those that help to protect and strengthen your back, enhance the range of motion of your joints and muscles and provide your body with a maximum intake of oxygen for a minimum of effort. You need to look no farther. Here are three body moves that meet these criteria. [Read more]

Stress, Heart Health and Longevity

Stress is the nonspecific response by the body to any demand made upon it. Mechanisms within us attempt to help us regain balance. When life’s demands tax or exceed our adaptive resources, however, these mechanisms may not be adequate. [Read more]

Deadly Foods We Eat Everyday

It is no secret that Americans have been getting fatter and lazier. That statement may come across as harsh and insensitive, but it is the plain and simple truth. A 2010 study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that 33.8%, or one third, of American adults are obese. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that roughly 25 million children between the ages of two and 19 are obese. The foods we eat in America are literally killing us. Some of us are dying slowly from obesity and health issues related to being overweight, while others are dying from poor diets. [Read more]

Easy Quirky Ways to Shift Weight

When I was 19, I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about the intake of calories. Fast-forward a couple decades and those “glory days” are long over. However, losing weight isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Even common household items you have in your house right now can help you burn calories and lose weight without ever hearing the dreaded word “diet”. Below are a few of my favorite household items that can help you consume less calories…. [Read more]