‘Bad’ Foods Which Are Good For You!

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It seems that everyone has a few foods that they have ingrained in their heads to be “bad” for them. I think this stems from the Low Fat generation of 20 or so years ago who believe anything that is low in fat must be good for them or at least won’t make them fat.

This is sad as Junk Foods are advertised as ’99% Fat Free’. Sad because it shows just how easily manipulated people are. In this case 99% fat free means the product is usually pure sugar.

So the foods deemed as “Bad” by this Low Fat Generation are usually high in fat (healthy/essential fats) and Low in Carbs lets have a look….


This one is a classic; how many times have you heard someone talk about avoiding eggs to keep their cholesterol down? Eggs are one of those classic foods that were demonized as a cholesterol causing food. The TRUTH is that its simply not true:

“Eating eggs will raise your cholesterol.” This myth started because egg yolks have the most concentrated amount of cholesterol in any food, Repovich told Reuters Health. However, when eaten in moderation, eggs do not contain enough cholesterol to pose health risks”

“egg consumers actually had lower serum cholesterol levels than those subjects who abstained from eggs.”

The Egg myth is so dumbfounded that recently people have been realising Eggs are actually an extremely powerful food holding a host of benefits; A while back Modern Forager ran an article on Eggs being “Nature’s Statin”  which makes a lot of sense

’3 eggs, significantly reduces HMG-CoA reductase, mimicking statins.’

On top of this eggs are packed full of Protein, Vitamin D, B Vitamins and a host of other great stuff. They are one of the best portable snacks going if you hard boil them plus they are so versatile when cooking they can be used in nearly anything… Check out Keith’s Baked Eggs which are just one example of how to get creative with our favorite ‘bad’ food!


Cream was alawys seen as a luxury food something to treat yourself to in coffee or over some fruit. Recently though people avoid the stuff like the plague, again thanks to the Low Fat generation. The same goes for Butter it has been shunned and replaced by ‘Healthy’ Vegtable oils as the cooking aid of choice. This is ridiculous as both these foods are extremely nutritious and have nourished generations of those before us. Both these foods are packed full of nutrients and nourishing fats;

These include true vitamin A or retinol, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E as well as all their naturally occurring cofactors needed to obtain maximum effect. Butter is America’s best source of these important nutrients. In fact, vitamin A is more easily absorbed and utilized from butter than from other sources. Fortunately, these fat-soluble vitamins are relatively stable and survive the pasteurization process.

There is one sticking point though, in order to gain the benefits of Cream and Butter you must buy Organic as it is important the cows were reared on a good diet of grass rather than grains (which make them sick and fat like humans) you will find that grass fed cows produce a more yellow coloured cream/butter which is a good indication of its high quality. There are many other factors to take into account grass fed butter will also be rich in CLA which has been shown to:

- Increase Metabolic Rate

- Decrease Abdominal Fat

- Lower Insulin Resistance

- Enhance the Immune System

These are some pretty amazing benefits and are just another reason to use grass fed butter and cream in your cooking.

‘Pasture-grazed cows had 500% more CLA in their milk than those fed silage.’

‘Butter from pasture-fed cows also contains a form of rearranged linoleic acid called CLA, which has strong anticancer properties. It also encourages the buildup of muscle and prevents weight gain. CLA disappears when cows are fed dry hay or processed feed’

So head down to your local farmers market or organic food store and pickup some Organic butter from Pasture fed Cows, use it regularly in your cooking and reap the benefits.


Nuts are another food which ‘Health Nuts’ tend to shy away from. They say there high in fat and calories and tend to use them in moderation if at all. The truth is nuts contain an array of beneficial nutrients, including vitamin E and zinc, and are a good source of fiber. Not only do these nourish the body they dull down the release of insulin when eaten with other foods which stops fat gain in its tracks.

Nuts are a great tool to slow the release of other foods and keep you feeling fuller longer. For instance eating nuts with a piece of fruit will keep you satisfied for longer than eating the fruit on its own, this is not due to the extra calories but rather thanks to the healthy fats and fiber slowing the release of energy from the food. 

Scientific evidence suggests but does not prove that eating 1.5 oz per day of most nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Nuts add great variety to food. I love them to add a crunch to things like salad or yoghurt. If you really want to take advantage of nuts consider soaking them overnight then roasting them in a baking dish with Honey, and Cinnamon in the oven. This will not only remove some of the natural toxins in nuts but it will make them taste amazing plus you will savour them much more due to the time and effort put into the recipe.

To me though the main benefit of nuts is that they keep me feeling full and satisfied for ages. If I’m peckish between meals I will grab a handful of almonds and pecans and maybe a piece of fruit and I feel satisfied, focused and ready to take on the day.

Be Skeptical

Of what mainstream advice about nutrition throws at you. Foods that are touted as being healthy like Pasta, Bread and Fruit Juice are actually the foods doing the damage rather than the stuff that is actually viewed as bad by the mainstream. So keep in mind these tips

- Alaways buy Butter and Cream/Milk from Grass Fed organically raised cows.

- Buy Nuts Raw and Unsalted. Soak and roast them yourself if you want more flavour. These look Awesome…

- Eat Eggs when you can, go for the Omega -3 variety which have been fed a diet of flax. Cook them in Butter or Coconut Oil.



  1. LOLfitness says

    It seems that everyone has a few foods that they have ingrained in their heads to be “bad” for them

    It’s not always about fatty food either. As a teenager I fell in love with porridge and would eat huge, huge bowls of the gooey gold all throughout the day. I ended up gaining 10 pounds and a steadfast conviction that oatmeal was the work of the devil.

    It was 15 years later when I saw porridge hailed as the breakfast of champions, and great for weight loss diets. Now I modestly stick to one small bowl for breakfast ;)

  2. Andrew R says


    This is SO true! I’ve got these three in my diet every day, and I’ve been eating eggs on a daily basis for years now. I’ve never had a high cholesterol warning from a doctor, nothing even close for that matter.

    Thanks for the article!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  3. panchitah says

    Great post.

    I have never worried too much about what people say are ‘bad foods.’ I subscribe to the idea of eating well balanced meals, trying a variety of foods, and having things in moderation can help maintain a healthy body.

    Anything that is eaten in excess can become harmful for you.

  4. Tom Parker - Free Fitness Tips says

    I think it’s going to take a long time before people realise that not all fats are bad. I knew about a lot of the health benefits of the foods on this list but cream came as a surprise to me. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Rusty - Fitness Black Book says


    I love it that you pointed this out. This is a HUGE mistake people make…avoiding healthy natural fats.

    Not only are eggs healthy for you, they help you get lean since the natural occurring fats ensures that your blood sugar doesn’t spike. (your body will not use body fat for energy when either blood sugar or insulin levels are too high). Fats stabilize blood sugar, making it more likely that you will use body fat for energy (there are other factors involved, but at least their is the “possibility” of losing body fat).

    Compare that to someone who starts their day with a “non fat” bagel. They are beginning their day with a huge blood sugar spike and the roller coaster of being tired, then hungry for more sugar, etc. What is worse is that their body in unable to utilize body fat for energy during this time, since their blood sugar and insulin levels are whacked.

    It is no wonder that so many people have a tough time getting lean!

    Good stuff buddy!


  6. Michael says


    As always, great post! I think perhaps the greatest issue in mainstream dietary thought is the very conception of fat in food. The average consumer, unfamiliar with many of the terms we take for granted, simply is unaware that THE FAT IN FOODS IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT WE CALL “FAT” ON OUR BODIES (the latter more accurately referred to as adipose tissue). This is a defect created by the “food industrial complex.” People hear that there’s fat in their food and they worry they will end up like their 300-lb neighbor who only eats fast food just because they ate a few scrambled eggs and a handful of nuts topped with guacamole. They’ve succeeded in creating a monstrosity of a gap in modern consumer education and, more than anything, a class of self-educated consumers clamoring for the next “fat free” or “low fat” products without regard to the unnatural, untested chemicals used to reduce or replace EFAs.


  7. Alex says

    Your hint that butter with a hint more orange is indicative of higher quality is indeed true, but has been picked up by the industry as well. Most big companies now add carotine to make sure that their brand still looks yummy even if their cows are not happy cows.

  8. 2BThin says

    I have a friend who is a nutritionalist and she compares the health benefit of eating an egg a day to taking a daily multi-vitamin. Of course, as with everything, moderation is the key. One egg a day or every few days is OK, but more than that may begin to affect cholesterol levels.

  9. Michael Schiller says

    Hi. Concerning all the foods that used to called bad for you I was glad to hear that eggs are actually good for you as all we use to think that there was too much cholesteral in the yolks. Now, I try to eat an egg at least every other day for the protein.
    Also, I have been trying to eat nuts, especially almonds. They used to be banned for their high calorie and fat count, but I agree with the studies that show a moderate amount can be very good for you.
    Next, I have always preferred the taste of butter over margarine and am glad to know that this kind of fat is preferred over the hydrogenated margarine.
    Also, I do like the tasteof whole milk much more than skim and I thought it was interesting to hear about cocont milk being so nutitrious. I am going to try to drink it when I can find it.


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