How the Reformer Can Open and Tighten Your Hips

To many people today the dream of firm, perfectly toned and supple hips remains just that: a dream. Firming up the muscles of the hips is a never ending battle, and sadly, a losing battle, especially for most women. I have seen women with good upper bodies and good legs but with hips that are […]

How to Gain Body Mass on Women’s Legs

In the era when we spend hour after hour sitting in front of the computer working, chatting or simply browsing, staying fit and healthy has become one of the major concerns. Therefore, one of the biggest dilemmas nowadays is which fitness program to enrol, or more precisely how to pick one from a wide offer. […]

Pilates Ball Exercises

Exercise got you down? Want to shake up your routine? Well, have a ball! An exercise ball, that is! The use of an exercise ball (also known as pilates ball or Swiss ball) can provide much-needed variety in your regular workout regimen. Exercise balls are user-friendly enough that novices can use them right away, to […]

The Purpose of Therapeutic Exercise

It is necessary to balance the tensions in our daily lives, which cause our glands to pump adrenaline. Without compensating activity to use up the adrenaline, we are simply eating ourselves up inside. Exercise offers a tension-relaxation balance. It is therapeutic against daily stress. The purpose of therapeutic exercise is to let you stretch the […]

Why Does The Body Need Exercise?

Babies, like kittens and puppies, are always moving. During every waking moment they twist and turn and throw their arms and legs about. This causes the blood to circulate freely and thus to carry food to the cells and waste materials away from the cells. In other words, activity helps the baby to nourish his […]

The Wonders of Exercise

One of the truly great hazards of the push-button age is the lack of opportunity for exercise. Exercise is absolutely vital to a program for maintaining your very best possible health. You should find a routine of exercise that is suitable to your individual needs. It is not wise to be a week-end athlete if, […]

How to Slim Down Your Stomach with Resistance Bands

There are thousands of websites out there that promise you some kind of miracle treatment, pill or diet that will help you lose weight effortlessly. As soon as you read something like that, the alarm bells should go off in your head, as they are most probably trying to tell you something utterly useless. The […]

How to Lose 80 Pounds on an Exercise Bike

When you’re exercising you need to achieve at least one thing, consistency. Regular exercise is crucial in reaching your goal of losing 80 pounds. Not only that, you also need to keep exercising to keep your physical health intact. While 80 pounds may sound like something unattainable, the truth is that it comes down to […]

How to Accelerate Your Arm Development if You Have Weak Arms

You’re a regular lifter. You walk into the gym week after week, doing all your sets and reps exactly as prescribed. And after a few months, you still don’t look good in those t-shirts because your arms are too skinny. Meanwhile, you see people walking all around your gym with massive biceps. These people don’t […]