How to Accelerate Your Arm Development if You Have Weak Arms

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You’re a regular lifter. You walk into the gym week after week, doing all your sets and reps exactly as prescribed. And after a few months, you still don’t look good in those t-shirts because your arms are too skinny. Meanwhile, you see people walking all around your gym with massive biceps. These people don’t seem to have the same dedication you do, so what is making the difference? If your genetics haven’t predisposed you to having massive bulging biceps, are you destined to a lifetime of small arms? Well, the short answer is – No. While some folks are lucky and gain arm size by doing a random set of exercises, the rest of us have to follow a different path.
If you don’t want to spend endless ‘arm days’ in the gym doing the same thing over and over again, you need to think differently. In addition to lifting heavy, focusing on compound movements and eating more, let us look at a few things you can introduce into your workouts to skyrocket your arm development.
Use staggered sets.
Staggered sets work due to one simple principle – they focus on the muscles in your body that are lagging. Basically, you add a set of the muscle group you want to focus in between the other exercises you are doing. For example, since we need to build bigger arms, we will be doing a set of bicep or tricep exercises between our other work sets. So you would do a set of bench presses, then come back to do a set of curls and then go back to the bench press.
In addition, if you are doing isolated arm work in between sets of pulling or pushing movements, it will help your muscle development further since the muscle group in question is already stimulated before you begin the exercise. Whenever you perform your set of bicep exercises, make sure that your muscles are under constant tension during the concentric and eccentric parts of the movement. Don’t let your joints lock out since it will reduce the tension on the muscle.
If you’re using a pre-workout supplement, the additional bicep work will help the nutrition to flow to the biceps, resulting in better muscle development and recovery.
Start every single workout with a set of pull-ups and chin ups.
Pull ups and chin ups are incredibly effective for kick-starting arm development in even the most stubborn hard gainers. They introduce more tension on your arms than any set of curls possibly could. In addition, since your entire body is suspended off the floor, your core gets activated to stabilize the weight.
Every time you enter the gym, after you finish your warm-up routine, head over to the pull-up bar and put in some reps. Try to do at least 30 before you start doing anything else. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to do even 10, but use assistance or take breaks and push through the pain. As your muscles get stronger, you will find that you are able to put in more reps easily. If you’re getting tired of doing 30 pull-ups daily, you can set a timer for 5 minutes and try to do as many reps as you can within that time period. Don’t try to push yourself to failure in any single set, because then you will sabotage the rest of your workout. Use different grips to get the maximum mileage out of your pull-ups. The supinated grip (palms facing your body) hits your biceps more.
Use drop sets.
Drop sets are a great way to maximize the potential of your muscles at the end of a regular work set. Basically, you choose a weight that is no more than 50% of what you used for your work set and perform as many reps as you can before you hit muscle failure. Drop sets are a great way to extend your sets and fatigue your muscles more so that when you give them the nutrition, they come back bigger and stronger.
For example, say you’re able to do 15 reps with 20 pounds during a set of bicep curls. As soon as you finish your last rep, pick up the 10 pound dumbbells and continue curling until you can go no further. Use drop sets judiciously because they will really fatigue your muscles and if you have a lot of exercises to go, you might end up disrupting your workout.
In summation, if you’re having a lot of trouble with getting your arms to grow, you can use some of these techniques to ramp up your progress in the gym. Pair bicep and tricep exercises with other major muscle groups whenever possible. Don’t overdo your training because you’ll end up hurting your own progress. And remember – you can’t out-train a bad diet. Make sure you’re getting the right diet and supplements so your muscles can continue to grow.


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