Simplicity in Everyday Life

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Just a few books

Finding simplicity in everyday life can be increasingly hard; There are an abundance of options in everything we do leaving our minds frazzled and confused when it comes to making choices. This post is going to try and run over some of the things I find great in simplifying life…..

Chop Down Your Wardrobe

Personally I find my life is far simpler if my wardrobe shrinks. This is especially true for jeans; Jeans are something that grow to fit your body and need to be worn in therefore having only 1-2 pairs is the best thing you can do; it means they will custom fit to your body and be comfortable every time you put them on. There is nothing worse to me than a stiff unbroken in pair of jeans! Own your Jeans, wear them in and let them develop with you, don’t wash them too often, its the best way….

Its also nice not to be stuck in two minds as of what to wear, don’t worry about other people thinking you always wear the same stuff, no one will ever notice they are too worried about what they have on…..

So throw out those T-shirts and jeans you never wear give them to your local charity shop you can make someone’s day by giving away something your not going to wear anyway……

Simplify your Exercise Plans

Exercise is something that works best when its simple and easy to follow; I have written a few posts which mention this here and here.

Get a simple routine down and stick to it, if that means getting up at 5 in the morning to train or it means packing your gym bag and taking it to work so be it. Always try to remember how good you will feel after thats the key to exercise when you don’t feel like it. As Theory to Practice pointed out yesterday staying fit is something that is simple. I loved this part:

If ever you’re muddled in “workout doubt”, just do this — sprint. Lift heavy things, fast, furious, and — for the most part — over your head. Eat right (a Paleo diet). Get plenty of sleep. Repeat.

It REALLY is that simple!! plus remember to walk a lot!

Manage Your To Do List on Paper

I like to keep a small notebook next to my laptop in which I write a daily list of all the things I have to do, want to do and need to remember…… Throughout the day I slowly work through these and its a sure fire way of making sure I get everything done. I love Moleskine notebooks and keep one with me on the move in which I jot down the stuff I have to do as well as anything random on my mind. I even find that just writing down all the stuff I am thinking when my mind gets too busy, really helps clear things up and get my life back in perspective….It was actually ToDooList that got me into keeping a journal with all my important stuff its a great ebook and well worth a look.

Simplify Your Grocery Basket

This really comes down to going to the grocery store with simple cheap items in mind. Know what you need and pick the best of what is available for the best price. For instance if you are looking to buy fruit; don’t stick to a certain type have a look see what’s fresh and in season and work with it often you will find huge discounts on certain produce which will end up saving you a boat load of cash through the year. The same principle works for things like meat, vegetables and nuts.

I like to go shopping with these guideline’s

Vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, fruit, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.

Stick to the perimeter (where most this stuff is) of the grocery store and go for quality over quantity. It makes shopping time efficient and so long as you have a store cupboard at home with some tasty condiments you can cook up some great stuff.

Be Careful How Much Media you Absorb

Everyday we are bombarded with all kinds of negative scary news from the media, Watching the evening news before going to bed depresses me as it seems to just try and make us feel vulnerable and insecure. I find its best to have a quick read through the morning newspapers or watching a quick 15 minute bulletin on TV to get a grasp of what’s going on in the world.

Once you’ve done that you will know everything you need to know in order to converse with people plus it will leave you with plenty of time to read stuff that you can learn from. We are surrounded by a wealth of great books and information across the web. Recently I finished reading Haruki Murakami’s What I think About When I Talk About Running I took a wealth of information out of this book and it made me realize how much you can learn from others. What I am trying to say is simplify/cut down the amount of news you read/watch and put that time into reading the wealth of information we have at our finger tips that will allow you to develop yourself in many different ways.

Today’s news will just become tomorrow’s fish ‘n’ chips wrapper

Another good method to get hold of what’s going on in the world in a glimpse is to check out Google’s News Page it is very clearly laid out and gives you an idea of what is going on in a glimpse saving you time and effort.

Any other everyday simplicity tips feel free to share, I am sure everyone has a few habits they like to keep that make their life a lot simpler……


  1. Methuselah - Pay Now Live Later says

    Chris – the To Do list is definately a killer win and I find it a great way to empty the head of all the things that persistenly circulate in there. As you say, this can range from “water the plant” to “be nicer to my folks.” Personally I have the luxury of a mobile phone with Calendar and To Do list built in, which synchronises with my work PC. This allows me to put ‘to do’ items in my calendar so that I can defer them to a specific day or week. This is a very powerful system if you get if set up, but beware, you will find your paper To Do list filling up with tasks relating to getting the mobile system set up for a good few weeks – but the extra stress is worth it!

  2. Keith Norris says

    I find that coupling a good list/journal/GTD system — whichever one fits your needs — with the free-thought that occurs during intense exercise, really unleashes creativity. Once you get used to the idea of the “little,nagging” things being captured somewhere (in whatever form you choose), you free your mind from that creativity-robbing, playback mode. It is very liberating!

  3. Lance says

    Great ideas here Chris! I’m all for simplifying life. The “clutter” we create in our lives often leads us away from our goals. Because we just have too much stuff…

  4. Chris says

    @ Methuselah: I love your thinking with the to do list and putting loads of stuff on it regardless of how small it is. It definitely helps keep the head clutter free by just having the piece of mind that random thoughts are down on paper….I use my iPhone to manage my calendar events but I still like keeping a paper system to manage the bulk of my to do and sometimes its just nice to jot stuff down.
    @ Keith: Just a quick thanks for your great blog posts in the past few days I have really enjoyed things. I will often use my to do list as an outlet for my mind just grabbing it and jotting down worries, fears, concerns or whatever is on my mind its amazing how it helps calm things down, we as a species definitely have evolved to write!
    @ Lance:Clutter in my mind has certainly delayed me from reaching goals but I think its all a learning curve, finding ways to quiet the mind is key as a peaceful mind is the only one which is useful.

  5. Grace says

    Jung talks about the collective unconscious, that we are all connected at some deep inner level. He’s a great fan of synergy, and I am, too. I spent the weekend reading borrowed books on Voluntary simplicity, vowed to put a few of the elements into practice in my own life, and here I run across your post giving even more tips! I think that the universe truly does listen when we practice intentionality. Thanks for writing, as always! G.


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