Stone Age Remedies For Feeling Down

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Michel Filion

After listening to this Podcast which I got linked from Open Water Chicago it gave me some pretty good insight into why depression is so prevelant in our society yet was a rare phenomenon back in the stone age or even hundreds of years ago………

1- Face to Face Time

These days we don’t spend enough time with the people we love and care about. Sure many of us spend time at work with colleagues and people we meet, this is fine but we need contact with people who we hold close to our hearts. we must find the people we love to be around and spend time with them. I know myself that when I have not spent time with my close freinds and family that I can start to feel down.

Organise more family trips, go see your parents or give a long lost freind a call all these things will provide an instant mood lift and give you and those around you a sense of wellbeing.

Face to Face time also avoids negative rumination which is hugely important. Too many of spend/waste time dwelling on what we don’t want in life and fearing bad things happening. I think this is something we all do and can only be avoided by taking action. Whenever you catch yourself spinning something over in your head get it out of your system; Put it on paper, speak to someone or listen to some music (positive distractions are great). Its also good to spend time with people who are in a simular situation in life to yourself, people who hold the same interests, have gone through the same struggles and can relate to what is going on in your life.

2- Physical Activity

Our ancestors spent hours each day in the outdoors getting their hands dirty and breaking a sweat.

“I try to break a sweat everyday” Matthew McConaughey

Could the cure for depression lie in those words. Its hard for problems to set in if you are breaking a sweat daily that’s why I believe Sometimes you just gotta hit the road….Its all well and good doing a few short and intense weights or body weight sessions a week. To really feel good you need to get some endorphins flowing, it doesn’t mean you need to go jogging. You could do some martial arts, play squash or tennis anything that gets you sweating and in the moment for at least 30 minutes….

The podcast even states some of the best activity to feel good is team based sports as we have evolved to hunt and play in groups rather than on our own…..After listening I have really started thinking of starting some kind of team based sports which I haven’t done consistently for years now. Unfortunately this is the case for many of us once grown up, no longer are our days filled with sports and games as they were in childhood and growing up.

3- Sleep

And the lack of it. Currently people are getting on average 5-6 hours of sleep a night this is simply not enough. We need more like 7-9 in a dark and quiet room without it key neurotransmitters in the brain will not function properly and you simply won’t feel good. Don’t forget most of us think too much anyway making our brains are exhausted meaning the only time they have to rest is at night when your in bed, this is where practicing mindfulness really helps.

ZTF- Importance of Sleep

Signs of good sleep are waking up easily, peaceful dreams and not waking too frequently throughout the night. Getting enough sunlight and not messing with your bodies natural clock is also very important so make use of your dimmer switches in the evening and make sure you start turning off the lights when you want to start relaxing for bed……..

4- Omega 3′s

The poor balance of fats in todays fast food world is shocking. All of us need more Omega 3′s in our diet they are the building blocks of our brains and allow it to produce the feel good chemicals. We should be shooting for 1000mg of EPA per day. If your taking capsules thats around 8-10 per day or if your into the liquid fish oil 1Tbsp is enough. Remember to try and spread it throughout the day as like anything else it won’t be utilized best if all taken in one go……….

5 Reasons Fish Oils are Essential

How long until you notice a difference? Well that can’t be told for certain but fish oils are meant to have a build up effect in the body so I guess consistency is the key. One thing you will notice immiedietly is that taking fish oil greatly lowers inflamattion. So if you have any aching joints they will heal up quickly.

To Sum Up

Before you think about doing else to boost your mood make sure you have the following in order

  • Socialize with loved one’s regularly but still make time for yourself.
  • 30 Minutes of Excersise 3-5 times a week. Try to make one or two sessions social if you can (Squash, Soccer, Tennis etc…)
  • Sleep well and take all the measures you can to improve your sleep quality.
  • Eat oily fish and take Omega 3 Capsules

It really should be that simple, before looking into other factors make sure you have the above points nailed……..


  1. Healthy Oil Guy says

    Great recommendations in this article! I think if we try to follow these 4 suggestions it will go a long way to improving our health and energy on a day-to-day basis. Amen to the health benefits of fish oils. Studies have shown these powerful fats can help in a range of situations – from improving your cardiovascular fitness to reducing your risk for allergies and inflammatory skin conditions. I think the liquid fish oils are far superior to soft gels, but the soft gels are more convenient for many people. Just remember that you will have to take a few soft gels to equal the amount of omega 3 fatty acids you’ll get in a single teaspoon of liquid fish oils.

  2. Melinda Gaddy says

    If you include exposure to sunlight and good sleep hygiene, this post pretty much sums up the info presented in “The Depression Cure” by Dr. Stephen Ilardi. He’s been researching and assembling an evolution-based approach to depression treatment for several years now. It would be a real shame if the podcast did not acknowledge his work. I have not yet listed to it, however.


    Update from Melinda: Just popped over to the site with the podcast and it’s based on an interview with Dr. Ilardi. So, scratch that last post!

  3. Jonathan says

    I often think about physical exercise as a good way of getting you to feel better, but I never thought about team sports. It makes sense though.

    If your playing a team sport then you are focused on a team goal and on your team mates, not on yourself. It is hard to feel bad about yourself, when your concentrating on things outside of you. And then when the game is over, the exercise has got the endorphins pumping and the world is good.

    Nice article!

  4. Liam | gyms stevenage says

    There’s no doubt in my mind that physical activity boosts your mood. Psychologically you feel good for doing a workout, rather than feeling like a slob, and physiologically your body releases mood enhancing hormones.

  5. Isaac says

    great article! the face to face time is a great tip, i can attest to that. i tend to isolate myself for periods of time, keeping face to face time with others at a minimum. hanging out with friends, going to social events and meeting new people always makes me happy. after all, we’re social creatures!

    the way i see it, there are primarily two factors which determine our health, both psychologically and physiologically.
    1. the nutritional foundation we lay for our bodies.
    2. the way in which we think about ourselves and the world. most people nowadays think way too much. no doubt the reason there’s no official diagnosis called obsessive thinking disorder is that nearly everyone suffers from it. it’s my personal view that in the stone age, the future was uncertain and filled with dangers. people nowadays are not as aware of death as one was back then… matter of fact, i don’t think most people truly know they’re going to die, at least not at a deeper level. when faced with such dangers everyday, one realized the importance of each day and thoroughly enjoyed it to the fullest instead of always looking to the future for “salvation”.
    our modern mindset is more like: “one day i’ll have it all, and THEN i can be happy”.

    from what i’ve heard, in primal tribes in which they lead a life resembling that of the stone ager, people are a lot more happier and content with their lives than what the average modern man is.

    one interesting tribe i’ve read about is the piraha tribe, an atheistic tribe living in brazil. the linguists who’ve been there claim that they’re the happiest people they’ve ever seen, despite the lack of god or the promise of an afterlife. i certainly find that interesting!

    here’s some info regarding the tribe…..LINK(mainly focused on the piraha language, which is rather unique. it’s cool if you’re into linguistics)

    Pirah People

    @ Isaac: Great contribution to the post the links to the Pirah people are really good especially the first article you linked, very interesting stuff…..

  6. Larry Gray says

    Hi, just today found this blog but I have to say that it looks great. I totally agree with your post. Have a nice day, keep up the nice work and I’ll definitely keep reading.


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