Tabata Style HIIT Workout #2

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You’re more likely to hit your target if you keep your eyes on it. Nothing brilliant about that statement. I think basketball players would agree that it’s easier to make a basket by focusing on a particular area of the hoop every time, every shot. Same principle applies to working out. The exercise itself is a means of getting somewhere. It’s possible that you don’t have a specific “somewhere” to get to, but most people have in mind at least one benefit or goal they’d like to see happen by way of working out. It could be weight loss, a race, a fitness assessment to pass to qualify for a job, lowering cholesterol or rehabing a bad leg. Whatever the goal, your eyes need to be focused on it and what you do to get there matters.

This month, we’re going to use Tabata and HIIT workouts to increase our aerobic fitness level, increase our metabolic burn and with that, see better all around fitness and health benefits including weight loss and lowered body fat. Instead of walking into the gym and wondering what you’re going to do each day, we have a plan. I’ll be posting a new Tabata or HIIT workout every 3 days this month and with that, it will include what you’ll do on the days in between.

tabata training calendar post 2

Here is your second Tabata style HIIT workout. If you missed the first workout, click here.

Tabata style HIIT strength

To make performing these workouts easier, I highly recommend downloading this free app on your phone. (link)

tabata stopwatch

With this app, you can even create a playlist that matches your workout (see an idea below), customize the number of rounds you’re going to do and put in pre-planned rest times. It keeps you on task and lowers the thinking required. Thinking should be difficult when doing these workouts. Remember, to get the most benefit out them, you have to go as hard as you possibly can when it’s work time then rest on the 10 second breaks.

Here is a playlist for this workout. It is about 30 minutes because it includes the 8 minute warm-up, the 16 minutes of HIIT, possible rests and a cool-down.

1. Pompei by Bastille 3:52
2. Happy by Pharrell Williams 4:08
3. Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia 6:52
4. Counting Stars by One Republic 4:43
5. Burn by Ellie Goulding 3:58
6. Sandstorm by Darude 3:45
7. Best Day of My Life by American Authors 3:40

Don’t forget to look at the days in between Tabata workouts. You have a rest day coming up and since this workout includes strength, so don’t do strength work tomorrow.

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