The Benefits of Eating Coconut

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Coconut is King

This weekend while strolling around London I came across a guy (The self proclaimed Coconut King) selling ‘Jelly Coconuts’ I have a weak spot for fresh unique foods so had to give one a try, it was a two step process first he would cut off the top of the coconut and allow you to drink the juice which tastes like nutty/sweet water, an amazing thirst quencher! Once this is done he chops the thing up and allows you to scoop out the flesh to eat, but these were no normal coconuts they were the ‘Jelly’ variety which has a soft chewy flesh which is delicious. Here’s a picture of the Coconut King in action.

What is amazing about coconut is that its re-vitalizing properties are almost instant, within 5 minutes of some fresh coconut you will feel a burst of energy, clarity of mind and well-being. This whole experience inspired me to write something up about coconuts many health benefits.

Saturated Fat/Cholesterol

First of all lets banish the myth that Coconuts are high in cholesterol, they are not. The fat from coconut is considered saturated but it is actually called Lauric Acid which is a type of fat which is easily absorbed by the human body and used instantly as energy.

Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid which is abundant in coconut oil and is considered responsible for many of its health benefits.  Coconut oil is about 50 percent lauric acid.  The only other abundant source found in nature is in human breast milk.

This is quite amazing by itself and shows the power of the oil as it is such a close match to our mothers milk  just imagine how powerful this stuff is!


Coconut is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal it is a great cleanser of our guts and is something that can help heal the gut should problems like leaky gut syndrome occur. On top of this Coconut will help your body fight off infection so its a great thing to eat when you are unwell or feel something coming on, this is thanks to it being converted to Monolaurin by the body which fights off infections (viral or bacterial).

Stable for Cooking

Coconut oil itself which can be purchased pretty cheaply in your local health food store is hands down the best cooking oil. It is stable at high heats retaining all of its benefits (unlike Olive oil) and it will leave the food with a delicious taste. I use coconut oil for cooking anything from eggs to frying my chicken.

Weight Loss/Metabolism Boosting

The effect on your thyroid coconuts have are shocking, they can boost thyroid function by up to 20%. Having an efficient thyroid is essential for out bodies to carry out several functions including boosting our metabolism and energy production.

In the 1940′s farmers tried coconut oil to fatten their animals but discovered that it made them lean and active and increased their appetite. Whoops! Then they tried an anti-thyroid drug. It made the livestock fat with less food but was found to be a carcinogen (cancer causing drug). In the late 1940′s, it was found that the same anti-thyroid effect could be achieved by simply feeding animals soybeans and corn.

Cancer Fighter

It keeps getting better, coconut has been proven to have anti-cancer effects especially of the colon and breast. This is due to the oils protective nature and ability to safeguard the body from infection whilst cleansing your system.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is again an amazing substance, this stuff has an array of health benefits firstly it is low in carbs and sugars and one of the best hydrators, fluid replacers know to man.

  • Coconut Water is More Nutritious than whole milk – Less fat and NO cholesterol!
  • Coconut Water is Better than processed baby milk- It contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother’s milk
  • Coconut water is naturally sterile — Water permeates though the filtering husk!
  • Coconut water is a universal donor– Its identical to human blook plasma – this is the most amazing one!
  • Coconut Water is a Natural Isotonic Beverage – The same level we have in our blood.
  • Coconut Water is probably the best Hangover prevention. If you come home after one too many drinks have a glass before bed, its pretty amazing…..

How to use it?

Well if you ever come across some fresh get some. Otherwise there are a variety of different ways; Firstly I would recommend you pickup a small container of Extra Virgin Coconut oil and a can or two of the coconut milk.

  • Use the oil to do your cooking, try it when frying things like eggs or meat.
  • Add the milk to curry’s for flavor and texture
  • Add Either milk or oil to your shake’s
  • Mix some of the milk into your yoghurt or drizzle on berries
  • Add a small spoon of the oil to your tea or coffee

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Hope you picked up something new from this and I have inspired you to give coconuts a try. It can get you leaner, fight off infection and keep your body cleansed.

Quick Update:

I found an excellent Coconut Water drink available worldwide, its 100% coconut milk and pretty cheap, I have been using it after yoga workouts or days I am feeling in need of a lift, probably the best tasting natural stuff ever and the only calorie containing drink I will touch: Check it here


  1. Methuselah says

    Good post – I am a big fan of coconut and have found it comes in 4 forms:

    1. As you say, it’s perfect as an oil for cooking (the smell and taste are so much better than other oils)

    2. Fresh, it can be great (but watch out for those pesky supermarkets selling you old ones that are off inside!) But can be a pain to get into – hammer and screwdriver required!

    3. In a can as ‘coconut milk’(provided it’s a decent version without nasty additives) – this can be used as a cream substitute – great on strawberries – or in cooking instead of cream such as with a chicken korma

    4. Coconut Creme – this comes as a solid block and is concentrated essence of coconut flesh – can be eaten as a treat but watch out – very more-ish! I bet that Coconut King dude was selling that too – I’ve often found it on Jamaican food stalls at our market.

    Pay Now Live Later

  2. Dave Fowler says

    Thanks for this Chris,

    Just as a matter of interest, are coconuts big on calories?

    I like the sound of the jelly variety. I’ll be looking out for it now.


  3. warren says

    Love the stuff!!

    I’m lucky as I live in Thailand and have atleast 1 coconut a day. You can’t beat the milk straight out of the coconut when its cold. Its Nature’s Gatorade. Then I get stuck into the meat (which is sweet and easy to digest).

    I also use 100% virgin oil in my smoothies for its health benefits too.

    Just goes to show the power of big business marketing as for most of my childhood and adult life I was bombarded with negative advertising about this type of fat. Turns out as so often it does it was just propaganda.

    Bring on the Coconuts!!


  4. Chris says

    @ Dave. Coconuts are fairly big on calories but all the fat is extremely good for you and if you are using it in moderation you will be fine.

    @ Warren. I agree with you on the power of marketing its a great shame how coconuts have been demonized. The amount of people who won’t touch them because they are full of “saturated fat” is crazy. Glad your enjoying the fresh stuff must be awesome in Thailand!!

  5. Jayadeep Purushothaman says

    I am from a coconut country where there are coconuts all over the place and we can’t do cooking without coconut. So this is great stuff to keep on using coconuts! Coconut is king really!

  6. Dave Fowler says


    Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the case, but as I don’t often get to eat coconut it’s not a problem. I was just curious.

  7. Richard Nikoley says

    While I’ve used the canned coconut milk for a long time (I love to make Thai curries), I only recently discovered coconut oil.

    Here’s a recent excursion, where I even took a bottle camping.

    I must also second those who’ve mentioned putting it in smoothies or shakes. I don’t have shakes every day, but when I do, here’s my recipe:

    1 scoop whey powder (Gold Standard is good), chocolate, vanilla, or whatever.

    2 eggs

    1/2 cup heavy organic cream

    1/2 cup raw whole milk (non homogenized); yea, we can get raw milk in California and I get mine at Whole Foods.

    1 tsp to 1 tbsp of coconut oil, to taste. I have tried the coconut milk, too, but even half a cup doesn’t seem to deliver the flavor that even a teaspoon of the oil does.

    Mix it all up in a blender with a handful of ice. I’ve only tried it with the choc and vanilla flavored powders, and both are excellent.

    Also, try just a teaspoon of the oil now and then, and just let it melt in your mouth.

  8. Chris says

    @ Richard. Glad your enjoying the blog, I have been a on/off reader of yours for a while now. Your recipe for the shake looks great, extremely nutritious lucky you can get raw milk it must be awesome!

  9. Carmen says

    Hi another great lover of coconuts here if you are ever in Changmai Thailand you must try the little bbqued variety they are chilled then you drink yumo…. I go nuts over coconuts just so hard to get nice ones here in Australia Melbourne.

  10. Grok says

    Awesome post Chris!

    Thanks for the tip on the Vita Coco. I’ll be buying some of that ASAP! The water is my favorite part.

    Don’t forget, coconut oil is good for the skin too.

  11. Carolina says

    love jelly coconut!! :)
    where exactly did you find it?? please email me

    @ Carolina: I found the coconut in Portobello market have a look around on a saturday morning if your every there, best £2.50 you will ever spend….

  12. Lal says

    I used to live in a village where we only used coconut oil for cooking. I can remember now that there wee very few prople in the village, if any, who were obese. Besides, the incidence of gastric ulcer was very rare.
    Although the heginic conditons such as tolet, water supply and the general living conditions were primitive by todays standards, few people had any serious illnesses. I presume thaere had to be some element present in the food system that helped in creating this generally healthy society, and today, after reading this article I realise that coconut and its products that were used on a large scale by the locals, could have been one of the primary reasons.

  13. Hemp Oil Taylor says

    Nice Article.

    Yes I agree Coconut is king,down from it’s roots up to the top, coconut has great health benefits. From the roots which can be eaten as a very delicios food called “Ubod” in asia, as tasteful as a vegetable. to it’s meat that can be made as a salad for dessert, to it’s milk that can help ease dehydration and UTI, to it’s oil that is a great ingredient to skin and hair beauty treatments and lastly to it’s husk that can be made to scrub the floor.

  14. benefits of eating meat says

    Great information.I too have found that there is a lot of mis information on the internet about health.I find that by regular activity, such as sport, its discipline and related nutrition, food choice, and effective methods.Certain way how to be fit.
    What does anyone think of this?

  15. Ella says

    Great article. I’ve started adding lots of coconut to my diet, cooking with coconut oil etc. Adding coconut milk to protein shakes gives it fantastic taste.

    My only problem at the moment is finding a decent organic can of coconut milk that doesn’t cost too much. Where I live they sell organic coconut milk for $4.50/can. The regular stuff costs $1.30 but has preservatives…


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