Visualization: Power Relaxation

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Meditation/Relaxation or Calming down is something that is hugely under-rated and under utilized in our society today. Especially amongst the health enthusiasts who will perfect their training and diet but neglect taking care of their minds and. Improved relaxation will induce:

  • Improved Gene Expression
  • Better outlook on life, more positivity
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Superior Digestion, therefore absorption of nutrients
  • Boosted Immune Function

I would like to propose a powerful method for relaxation which is based on visualization and can be done in 10-20 minutes depending on how deep you want to go. It should not be considered napping but rather relaxing and quieting down the mind allowing you to be present and feel your body whilst drifting into positive thoughts……

Step 1 – Breath

This is the all important first part which will allow your body to move into a super relaxed state flushing your mind of clutter and freeing you up to start visualizing….

Try and lie on your back in a comfortable position and place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach, you should be breathing only through your nose and there should be little or no movement of your chest. All the breath should be into your abdomen, this is real deep breathing.

Make sure your breath counts are roughly 3 in 3 out and relax for 3. therefore you should be breathing roughly 6 times per minute. Once you establish this rhythm you will find after about 4-6 minutes you will reach a state of relaxation allowing your mind to drift and your body to feel relaxed.

Step 2 – Let Go

After the good breathing rhythm has been established you can let go of your breathing and focus more attention on feeling your body. First focus on feeling the life in your hands and belly. You will probably notice your hands will start to tingle/pulsate as will your abdomen. This is a sign your deeply relaxed and not consumed in your mind/thoughts. Therefore ready to start visualizing and filling your mind with positive thoughts.

Step 3 – Visualization

Once you have reached this point visualization can start to occur or may have already started. Try and think of a place or time of year that you love, maybe summer holidays/the beach or being with friends and family. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and at ease…..

Let thoughts and positive emotions generate from these visualizations and feel them inside your body. Don’t focus too much in the thoughts just let the train of through stay positive and let thoughts flow, if you grasp onto them for too long the relaxed feeling will diminish.

You ca also use this time to fill your mind with pictures of where you want to be in the future or visualize goals for the future actually happening, this will not only deepen relaxation but flush your mind with positive healthy thoughts which will dominate your thought process and eventually override any negative thinking patterns you may have developed.

Practice Makes Perfect.

This may seem hard at first but it really pays off and gets better with time and practice, you may find using some meditation music will help and make the relaxation time deeper. I would suggest a Buddha Machine since getting mine its become a invaluable chill out tool. The app is also available if you have an iPhone.

Relaxing and calming the mind is so important especially in this day and age where our environment is polluted with noise, crowds and pollution. I would suggest using a relaxation method like this at least once a day preferably in the evening (before eating dinner is a good time) and maybe twice on days you have more time like weekends. When it comes down to it you couldn’t spend 10-20 minutes better any other way.

If you want to learn some more about relaxtion and these methods I would strongly reccomend the following books:


  1. David at says

    This is great idea. The only thing I would add is that when you are visualizing, you could also think about positive things things you want to accomplish and get done. Perhaps this might be a great thing to do at the beginning of the day?

    - Dave

  2. Griff says

    I don’t recall Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance focusing much on relaxation, but a fantastic book nonetheless.

    There are many good free resources (often with a Buddhist tilt, but remember, it isn’t really a religion, so it really shouldn’t clash with any personal religious beliefs). I am fond of the works of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Jack Kornfield, both in content and in quality of writing. There is some fantastic free stuff (including handy little mp3 based meditation timers) on Zencast ( or through iTunes. is also great. For those who want to completely avoid and Buddhist connection can check out Herbert Benson, MD. He has a number of books on relaxation. A good one that I have read is The Breakout Principle.


  3. Chris says

    @ David: Thats a great idea, maybe visualizations can be used to get us out of lazy slumps and allow us to get done what needs to be done…
    @ Griff:I added Zen and The Art as its one of my favorite books, but yes it has little to do with relaxation. Although it did have a profound effect on my thinking….Thanks for adding the great links is pretty awesome I look forward to listening to some of the shows this afternoon. The meditation timers are great they are an amazing help at drifting off, thankfully loads are available for the iPhone so I always have it handy….


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