Woman Reveals Food Marketers’ Secret Weapon and Audience is Disgusted

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A friend shared this video with me. I find myself frequently informing my clients about the difference between a food label, a nutrition label, and a product package. The food and nutrition labels in most cases includes information required by the FDA to inform the public as to what they are eating. But, the colors of the package, some of the verbage on the package, the imagery of the package…these are all marketing. Marketers study consumers and are very particular in color choice, imagery and words. They’ve learned what makes us feel better about eating a sweet, sugary cracker making us believe it’s a healthy snack. They say it’s an excellent source of whole grains and use wheat stalks behind the name of the food. That makes us feel that what’s in the package is natural, nutritious and healthy (unless you’ve learned to read food labels.)

This video talks about the secret weapon that marketers use when trying to appeal to the consumer, you and I, when convincing us to purchase foods that aren’t healthy and/or aren’t produced ethically. I was fascinated by the reaction of the audience. They almost couldn’t stand themselves when they found out her secret.

Original video by Catsnake Film. Just so you know, the speaker in this video is actually an actress named Kate Miles, but the facts about produce and its marketing are 100% real. The audience is also real as well as their looks of disgust.

What do you think? Disgusted? Disgusted enough to make a change?


  1. Barb says

    This is nice and all, but I’m still gonna eat. So is everybody else. Good information though :D

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