10 Simple Changes to Your Day

David Reece

Sometimes changing your life can be really simple, as simple as taking baby steps to better health through small lifestyle changes that you can implement as you go……

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up… persisting… eloquently expressing the depth of your love. What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life? – Tony Robbins

1. Ditch the White Stuff – White sugar, White bread and processed foods in general can be detrimental to your health. The first step in a path to health is to ditch white sugar and refined grains. Don’t ditch the white vegetables though, things like potatoes and turnips are full of goodness….

2. Move Everyday – Live like escalators don’t exist. Move as much as you can even if you have a sedentary job. Take walks and stretch or get off the bus one stop early. That extra movement will not only improve your health but make you feel better. After dropping processed food this is definitely the next best thing to implement.

3. Balance your 3 main meals – If you can balance your 3 main meals everyday, as in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner they will keep you full and your blood sugar stable for hours to come allowing you to avoid the blood sugar highs and lows associated with eating unbalanced snacks and meals. Simply try to include some ProteinGood Carbs and Fat in each of you main meals.

4. Buy the right stuff Organic – Check out the dirty dozen, a list of 12 fruits and vegetables you should always buy Organic if you can. This will reduce your toxin intake and leave you feeling fresher and more energetic as your body doesn’t need to detox from all the pesticides.

5. Stop using Chemicals – This mainly applies to body products we all use daily, from shampoo to hand and body wash. These things are simply not worth using when you can avoid them, it will leave your skin softer and less dry. Try and pick up some natural toothpaste and body wash on your next shop……

6. Practice Gratitude – By simply taking the time each day to write down or think about what we can be thankful for can have a profound effect on our mood and wellbeing. I like to jot down 5 things each day that I am glad happened, this takes no longer than a few minutes but has a huge impact on the way I feel.

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.  ~Meister Eckhart

7. Relax and Slow Down- With everything you do, this includes eating and living in general. Pay attention to what you are doing whether it be eating, walking or cleaning. You will not only enjoy the activities more but develop a habit of mindfulness.

8. Cook the next meal yourself- It is sometimes too easy to eat out or order some takeaway after a busy day or even at the start of the day. How about a Healthy Cooked Breakfast as demonstrated below by the very entertaining Barry from My Virgin Kitchen.


Not only will you save money but you will avoid many of the nasty oils that restaurants use when cooking food. Anyone can learn to cook with some time and effort….

9. Get Outside- This is especially important for those with a sedentary job in an office environment. Before you know it the day has gone by and you have spent very little time getting outdoors. Simply spending a bit of time outside each day will rejuvenate you especially if you can get some Sun and Fresh Air.

10. Ten Minutes of Deep Breathing- This takes some effort but it is a great habit to build. Lying down for 10 minutes each day and doing some deep rhythmic belly breathing can calm your mind and strenghten your nerves leaving you with a clear head and more able to cope with stress. Breathe………

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