10 Tabata and/or HIIT Workouts and April Workout Calendar

You’ve heard about Tabata and maybe you’ve seen the acronym HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You might know what they are, but have never tried them. Or maybe you doubt the benefits that people rave about with these short, but intense workouts. If you are unsure of what Tabata training is, read this post that gives you a bit of background and purpose for this style of training. At the very least, you’ll be intrigued by the amount of attention these workouts get and might be willing to try them.

If you are all ready a fan, I don’t have to explain or convince you to try them. You are well aware of the changes that occur in your body by applying this method. I am encouraging fans, skeptics, people looking for something new and people looking for a challenge to take the month of April and follow this Tabata Training calendar. I will be sharing 10 different Tabata or HIIT workouts throughout the month and will also give recommendations for the in between days. I will give some pointers for how to get the most out of the training schedule and ways to accommodate where needed. Most of the workouts included will be things you can do at home or with little equipment so almost everyone could jump in the fun. Let’s take a look at the calendar and let me explain how this will work.

Everyday that you see the “Tabata or HIIT” words will be a day where I will post a new Tabata or HIIT workout for you to do. Keep in mind that they are high intensity and short. To get the benefits out of them, you have to commit to go all out, but just remember, it’s for a short amount of time. (If you are a new exerciser, I recommend going through the movements to get your body conditioned for those specific joint and muscle actions, but do not workout at your highest intensity. Prepare your body first then when you have built an aerobic and supported platform you can run with this.)

Each time that I post, I will be giving you your workout AND some recommendations for what to do in between days. It is NOT effective to do Tabata or HIIT training daily! I repeat, it is NOT effective to do this kind of training daily. So, follow the recommendations when it comes to lowering your intensity, stretching, and having rest days so that you will get the most out of this plan.

To get you ready for April 1st, I am going to post your first workout. I want to keep this workout simple because I want us to get off to a good start by doing the workout correctly, doing it at 110% and keeping it short. By the end of your Tabata or HIIT workouts, you should NOT feel like you have energy to do it all over again. As we get further into the month, the Tabata or HIIT workouts will involve several different movements, themes and focuses (cardio, boxing, strength, agility, core, functional training, etc…)

Pin this calendar, bookmark this page, and get prepared for an April that springs us into summer with our best fitness level yet!


You’ll complete this workout on the 1st and then on the 2nd and 3rd, keep your cardio at a moderate level. No high intensity or intervals. You may also do a strength workout on the 2nd, but not on the 3rd. The next tabata workout will include strength and you’ll want your muscles to be fresh. See you back here on the 4th for the next workout and post!

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