Recent Study Shows Eating Avocado Benefits Weight Loss

A recent study by the Nutrition Journal (funded by Hass Avocado Board) found that eating avocados benefits weight loss. Researchers reported that adding half an avocado to your lunch decreased a desire to snack following the fruit’s consumption by 40 percent. There was also an increase in satisfaction feelings compared to the meals eaten without avocado. The tests […]

5 Considerations for Dinner Guests With Health Concerns

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports over 25 percent of Americans are diagnosed with some form of chronic health condition and are required to observe a special diet. The odds are high that your dinner guests may have dietary restrictions. It’s acceptable and thoughtful to ask a guest if they follow a […]

Tabata Style Boxing Workout #3: HIIT it!

The way this workout is used requires some dedication and determination. It’s focus is the shoulders with some cardiovascular active rests. It won’t feel exactly like the other two workouts we’ve done this month because it’s boxing focused AND it has active recovery segments rather than 10 seconds of stopping and resting. Because it won’t […]