Understanding the Female Reproductive System

Aromatherapy is especially helpful for easing problems associated with the female life-cycle. Nevertheless, men have not been totally ignored. Indeed, aromatherapy can be helpful for problems such as emotionally induced impotency or ‘performance pressure’. Here we shall concentrate on natural ways to manage the ebb and flow of the female life-cycle. A Word About Treating […]

The Dairy Free Experiment (Results From 5 Weeks Without Dairy)

My 3 month old son has terrible reflux and his pediatrician sentenced me with the dairy free diet (read my first post on it here). As much as I feared the shackles of cutting dairy out, it really hasn’t been too bad aside from skipping pizza night with the fam, ice cream and some white chocolate […]

Mechanism of the Acupuncture Effect

Western physicians as a group remain skeptical as to the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy and doubtful about the practicality of incorporating it into the main body of acceptable Western medical practice. Acupuncture analgesia is a case in point. Most Western physicians are of the opinion that any success in controlling pain can be attributed to […]