The Incredible Power of Small Fitness

Editors Note: This is a contribution from Jake O’Callaghan of Slow Change and Zenteen. People tell me they’re excited about developing fitness, but just can’t seem to start. They lace up their shoes but can’t make themselves step out the door. They get into push-up position but can’t force themselves to go down. They don’t have a problem once […]

Capturing Essential Oils

Strictly speaking, the term ‘essential oil’ describes an aromatic oil captured by distillation and composed entirely of volatile molecules. Nevertheless, the term is often stretched to include aromatic extractions of every conceivable origin, including those captured by volatile solvents, liquid carbon dioxide and the recent phytol method. Distillation Although the roots of this method can […]

New Study Shows American Adults Are Eating Healthier

A new study released Thursday by the USDA found that American adults are eating out less, consuming fewer total calories, and eating better at home. The report studied eating habits from 2005-2010 and found Americans were making smarter, more informative decisions about what they were eating. “When individuals believe that their actions directly affect their […]