The Major Health Problems Are Diet Related

The leading causes of death in this country could be modified by improvements in diet. Death rates for many of these conditions are higher in the U.S. than in other countries of comparable economic development. In summary, the major health problems that are diet related include: Cancer Muscle Disorders Kidney and Urinary Problems Digestive Diseases […]

The Best Supersets For The Gym

When heading to the gym its best to be efficient with your sets and exercises so that you can maximise the benefits without wasting time in the gym. Some exercises especially compounds allow you to work a huge proportion of your body in only one movement, take for example: Dumbell Squats (Legs/Upper Back) Pushups/ DB Press (Chest/Shoulders/Back) […]

Utilizing Free Weights, Resistance Tubing, and/or Body Weight Exercises

This article will help you create and instruct well-designed resistance training workouts that address muscular strength and/or endurance. Muscle strengthening classes continue to be a very popular i tern on today’s group exercise schedules. They go by many names from the traditional “body sculpt” or “muscle conditioning” to more creative titles like “power pump,” “reps […]