Free Fitness App – 7 Minute Workout

Johnson & Johnson just released a fitness app that features the popular 7 Minute Workout designed by Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute Division of Wellness & Prevention, Inc. Users can also modify 12 additional workouts to customize and create more than 1,000 variations that require nothing more than a […]

How to Slim Down Your Stomach with Resistance Bands

There are thousands of websites out there that promise you some kind of miracle treatment, pill or diet that will help you lose weight effortlessly. As soon as you read something like that, the alarm bells should go off in your head, as they are most probably trying to tell you something utterly useless. The […]

A Story About 100% Caffeine Free Living

This is a Guest Post from my friend Patrick: An active triathlete with multiple Ironman and marathon finishes on his resume, Patrick writes weekly on the power of integrating life and sport into a sustainable lifestyle of fitness. For many of us, coffee is an integral part of daily life. From artesian roasts to grande goodness to […]

Lose 4 Pounds in 1 Month by Using Your Mind

Sounds like some hokey gimmick doesn’t it? Too good to be true. Nope. Nothing hokey here. No hypnosis tricks or special meditation practice. Use your mind and lose 4 pounds in a month and change NOTHING else…no extra diet or exercise. Just a simple change in the way you eat…use your mind and be conscious to what is going […]