5 Things Not to Do When Breastfeeding

Making the choice to breastfeed is one of the best decisions a mother can do for her newborn baby. The health benefits for the baby are enormous and that is just in regards to the baby’s health. The mother’s health also benefits from breastfeeding. For the mother, breastfeeding has been shown to lower the chances […]

How to Use Fiber to Improve Your Health

We hear so much about fiber and its effects on our general health, digestion and keeping our bowels healthy. What we don’t hear too much about are the ways that fiber can improve our health in other aspects like reducing fat gain and regulating appetite. To me this is a hugely interesting topic as there seem to be certain […]

Four Healthy Alternatives To Chicken…..

Eating chicken has become synonymous with eating healthy, and it’s a common assumption that chicken and fish make up the gamut of healthy protein.  But there are several alternatives to chicken that offer flavors all their own.  If you don’t have a local hunter buddy, these foods may take some work to locate, but they’re […]

Visualization: Power Relaxation

Meditation/Relaxation or Calming down is something that is hugely under-rated and under utilized in our society today. Especially amongst the health enthusiasts who will perfect their training and diet but neglect taking care of their minds and. Improved relaxation will induce: Improved Gene Expression. Better outlook on life, more positivity. Improved Decision Making. Superior Digestion, therefore absorption of nutrients. […]