Aromatherapy and the Muscular and Skeletal System

While the skeleton gives form, support and protection to the body, the muscles are concerned with movement. When our joints and muscles are supple and mobile, we radiate vitality and are much more resilient to the stresses and strains of life. Indeed, long-term tension in the musculature of the body saps energy simply because it […]

Health and Fitness: Litigation Concerns

In the event that a consumer is injured in a health and fitness facility or during the provision of service by a fitness professional, such consumers may institute claim and suit seeking to recover monetary damages for their injuries. In order to recover, such consumers must establish a “cause of action” against the facility and/or […]

How to Lose 80 Pounds on an Exercise Bike

When you’re exercising you need to achieve at least one thing, consistency. Regular exercise is crucial in reaching your goal of losing 80 pounds. Not only that, you also need to keep exercising to keep your physical health intact. While 80 pounds may sound like something unattainable, the truth is that it comes down to […]

The One Legged Squat

If you could add one exercise to your routine, that could be done anywhere and would improve your sports performance, strength, balance, flexibility and joint mobility the Single leg squat would definitely be a contender. Sometimes referred to as the Pistol the one legged squat works the body in a whole new way as it requires co-ordination and movement that are non-existent in […]