Functional Training: Exercise Buzz Words

Do you speak “gym-ese”? It’s the language everyone uses while walking around the gym. You know, dropping words like “reps”, “sets”, “maximum heart rate”, “HIIT”, or “functional training.” If you don’t speak the language, it all sounds like a bunch of garbly gook. I thought I’d take a few blog posts to break down the […]

Resistance Training: Exercise Buzz Words

Resistance training not resisting training. Resisting training is an attitude issue not a type of exercise. I’ve had a lot of clients who have resisted training mainly because they were afraid of it. That’s not what I’m referring to in this post. You’ve probably heard those words in passing, maybe you’ve even used those words […]

Exercise And Chronic Disease

An abundance of scientific literature has overwhelmingly confirmed the health related benefits of exercise for apparently healthy populations. And likewise, individuals with a diagnosed chronic disease or disability benefit as much if not more from regular physical activity as do apparently healthy individuals. As a result, these individuals as determined and directed by their physician […]

Spring Workout Challenge (Prepare to Bare Your Arms and Legs)

Spring is around the corner and you may be thinking of green grass, sunshine and daffodils. I’m thinking of pasty white arms and hairy legs. Ha! Time for a little spring prep. For a fun countdown to spring, I’ve put together a simple 21 day workout challenge to get your arms and legs ready for […]