Natural Antioxidants In Your Diet

All foods to some extent or another are filled with anti-oxidants which are essential to the body for fighting off infection, reducing inflammation and improving general health. The problem is many of us overlook simple and effective ways to boost our anti-oxidant intake. Including some of these simple things in your diet will significantly boost […]

Commonly Used Acupuncture Points

The essential 100 acupuncture points are described in this article. These include 84 classical meridian and 16 extrameridian (EM) points which are those most commonly used in acupuncture practice today. These points are all recommended in the Handbook for Barefoot Doctors, which has a wide distribution in present-day China. Each point is described by name, […]

How Sports and Exercise Influence Psychological Well-Being

Focus Research has provided in-depth knowledge about the physical benefits of exercise, but a practical understanding of the psychology of exercise is only beginning to unfold. Sports science allows us to determine the calories we burn, the oxygen we consume, and the muscles we build as a result of an hour on the treadmill. But […]

Being Frugal With Your Wellbeing

Tracy O In today’s society people are wasting money on stupid things and not investing in what is important. Themselves and those around them. With cheap food and clothes it has become normal to spend on quantity whilst ignoring what’s important QUALITY… There are some core things that will always be worth investing in regardless of […]