What Part Do The Liver, Kidneys, Intestines, And Lymphatics Play In Removing Waste Materials From The Body?

The human body provides its own system of house cleaning. The liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs are constantly at work getting rid of waste materials. Some of the waste materials are taken in with food, but most of them are produced in the body itself. The more active the body, the more wastes there […]

Getting Started with a Healthy Lifestyle

I have recently come across an interesting theory – In that we can easily optimise our bodies function via exercise. In recent articles we have looked at a bunch of different types of training and ways to integrate training into lifestyle as well as methods for short and effective workouts. What I want to have a look into […]

How Do The Bones Give The Body Form And Support?

The skeleton, or bony framework, of the body is very important. It acts somewhat like the framework of a house in that it gives the body shape and support. Some of the bones also protect delicate organs, and some work with the muscles in giving the body strength. Altogether the skeleton consists of more than […]