4 Skinny Girl Tricks: How They Stay Skinny and Eat Cake Too

I’m not one of “them”, but I know several of them. You know, that person that eats fettuccine alfredo, but it doesn’t show up later on their thighs. Or that friend that never “diets”, but always maintains their weight. I have observed several healthy behaviors by “these people” that could help you and I maintain […]

How Do The Muscles Help Parts of The Body To Move?

Altogether there are more than six hundred muscles in the body. Some are large and some are very small. In general, they are distributed over the outside of the skeleton, although some makeup parts of the vital organs inside. The largest are always found where the heaviest work is to be done. Most of them […]

Essential Oils Therapeutic Charts: Anxiety and Stress-Related Problems

Anxiety Description: A state of nervous apprehension and distress. Sufferers experience paralysing fear of an imminent yet unspecified danger and in extreme cases fall prey to unpredictable panic attacks. Anxiety is usually a response to stressful events, but can also occur apparently without provocation. Possible Causes: Chronic anxiety (sometimes accompanied by depression and/or insomnia), needs professional help. […]

Risk Appraisal and Medical Considerations of Exercise

The question is no longer “To exercise or not to exercise?” but how much, how often, and with what intensity to exercise in order to maximize fitness and well-being. For most people, the benefits of regular exercise far outweigh the risks. Benefits include a decreased risk for hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, […]

Schools Are Still Marketing Junk Food To Students

JAMA Pediatrics just published a study which showed that most US elementary, middle, and high school students attend schools where they are exposed to commercial efforts aimed at obtaining food or beverage sales or developing brand recognition and loyalty for future sales. The research was done to determine trends in school-based commercialism from 2007-2012 and […]