3 Easy Fat Burning Workouts

So its January and a few of us have a extra pounds to burn after the eating over christmas. Whats the best way to get rid of it? simply by doing short quick and intense workouts. Here are 3 ideas for fast burning that only require some kind of a timer like a gymboss or one of the many interval apps for your smartphone.

1. Interval Running – The way I like to do interval running is by setting a timer to 1 minute work with 30 seconds of break time and repeat 8 times. That is a total of 12 minutes. enough time for a solid workout but not too long to get bored or overworked.

Pick two spots to run back and forth between and stick to that distance during the one minute. The distance of around 30 metres each way, this is great as it forces you to change direction every 5-10 seconds, this keeps your co-ordination and balance working. Although it is hard work the pain is over quickly – check out this research done on short hard intervals in comparison to standard duration workouts.

“The hard work is short,” “so it’s tolerable.” Members of a separate, exercise control group at the rehab center, assigned to complete standard 30-minute moderate-intensity workout sessions, have been watching wistfully as the interval trainers leave the lab before them. “They want to switch groups,”  – Dr Maureen MacDonald

2. BodyWeight Tabata’s – There have been several posts mentioning tabata’s on ZTF but they get another mention here due to their time efficiency and how effective they are when it comes to revving up the metabolism. They can be done using several different exercises but work best when you stick to one exercise or body part. For instance tabata squats or lunges are very effective in creating an oxygen debt in a large muscle group that will then go on to burn fat and build muscle for hours after the workout.

If you have a smart phone you can get one of the many tabata apps available. My favourite is Tabata Timer which is FREE.

3. A Run – Although everyone is about the short intense, interval workouts you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned twenty or thirty minute run. While running is not something that we recommend you do every day it is a great tool to throw into your life for fat burning and generally feeling better. A run can clear your mind, relieve stress, boost endorphins and get your body into a fat burning zone. Couple it with a few sets of push ups and bodyweight squats and you have a pretty good full body workout that is also time efficient and requires no real equipment apart from sports shoes and clothes. Learn to run naturally and listen to your body though…

But she adds that the overarching message of the study is probably relevant for most runners. “You can optimize your gait naturally,” she says, “by becoming more conscious of your running movement and how it feels.” Your body, at least in the early stages of becoming a runner, can be a fine and knowledgeable coach. – find your ideal running form

It is important to run properly and learn a method of running that minimises impact and risk of injury for your joint. The article linked and quoted above is a great read.

So there it is, three ideas for fat burning workouts you can implement now to shed the holiday weight.

*Honourable Mention goes to Hill Sprints.


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