Four Easy New Exercises

It is always great to add something new to your workout, whether it be a new movement, exercise or simply something to shock the body. Workouts should be something that push us in some way or another, not always too hard but at least in a way that forces our bodies to adapt and improve in one way or another.

Here are a few videos I came across recently with some exercises I have been using and have found very useful. Firstly the Multi-Directional Lunge.

I first learnt about this exercise from Paul Chek’s book “How to Eat Move and be Healthy” it is a pretty simple exercise and can be done by anyone – regardless of their fitness level. What I like about it is the ability it has to improve athletic ability, the multi-directional lunge is really good at reprogramming the motor patterns we have embedded in our minds. Therefore improving agility, co-ordination and balance.

The next is the Front Lateral Raise. courtesy of Scott Abel.

Again a nice twist on the standard lateral raise as it works with our co-ordination and creating a new stress on the body. A really good exercise to superset with some back training, plus its fun…..

The Lunge with Bicep Curl is the next move. What I like about this is its ability to work the entire body and encompass some bicep training without wasting time needing to do direct arm work.

The trick is to go pretty heavy with the weights so that you can actually fatigue the upper body. This is a great whole-body finisher and emphasises balance as the way up with the curls thrown in makes things slightly more difficult than a standard lunge. Plus it gets the heart pumping and works the CV system.

Last but not least the Overhead Dumbbell Lockout.

This is a slightly more advanced exercise in that it requires a heavy weight. The great thing is that it really is something new, it will get your abs worked out in a very unique way and also work your upper back and shoulder stabilizers. When first doing this exercise I woke up the next morning with a crazy amount of soreness in my shoulders – like I hadn’t felt in years.

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