5 Great Fitness Apps

Health.com showcased some great fitness apps for those who like to integrate technology into their fitness routines. Whether your looking for more motivation to stay committed, need to watch your diet or want to add some “gamification” to your workouts, they are all worth checking out.

Here are some key highlights for each of the apps:

1. Hot5
– 5 minute work out videos to follow
– Sleek and modern videos
– Clean interface
– iPhone

2. GymPact
– Clever way to commit to working out
– Pay other members if you don’t meet your workout goals
– Get paid if you meet your goals by those who don’t
– iPhone and Android

3. Weight Watchers Mobile
– Calorie counting system
– Barcode Scanning
– Restaurant finder section
– iPhone and Android

4. RunKeeper
– GPS to track running, walking and bike workouts
– Detailed stats
– Social features
– iPhone and Android

5. Zombies, Run! 2
– Adds creativity and imagination to running
– Supply gathering, save other humans or just outrun the undead
– Compete with other runners
– iPhone and Android


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