5 Reasons To Get On Your Bike

We all grew up cycling and messing around on bikes. Its a shame that many us have grown up and lost the love of bikes, they are a beautiful mode of transport and give you the ultimate flexibility to be free.

Bikes provide time for exercise, a cheap mode of transport and best of all they are plain fun. Cycling can help you develop an amazingly conditioned cardiovascular system and strong legs. So let’s delve further into some of the best things about cycling…..

1- Get Around Easy

If you live in a city and are a competent cyclist its the best way to get around. You pay a one off fee for the year (the bike and helmet etc…) and you can get to work or wherever you need to go in spite of what is going on around you. It doesn’t matter if public transport isn’t working it won’t make a difference. I know people question the safety issue but in my view if you are cautious and sensible on your bike things should not be a problem, make sure you are confident on your bike though and take some lessons for city cycling if you need to.

You can stop wherever you like and get to your destination as fast or slow as you please. Parking your bike is easy just get a high quality lock and you can stick it wherever you like plus a lot of workplaces in major cities have bike storage.

2- It’s Fun

The feeling of riding a bike real fast is great, the wind rushing against your face and the raw speed is exhilarating and unlike a car you are actually working for the movement (peddling your legs) which makes it an ultimately rewarding journey. Plus having a bike provides a welcome hobby for most the maintenance and upkeep are something you can take great pride in, providing the satisfaction of manual labour that many of us lack in todays desk job world.

Cycling is also something you can do on the weekends as an activity, what better way to spend an afternoon than to cycle some trails with friends and family. I have fond memories of my parents taking me cycling in the park on saturday afternoons throughout my childhood. If your a parent its a great opportunity to connect and spend quality time with the family.

3- All Over Body Workout

Although you will mainly be using your legs to peddle away you will also use much of your upper body for support. Your abs are used to balance yourself and your upper and lower back muscles will secure your posture whilst your arms will be involved in some intense static holds to support your entire upper body. You will be pleasantly surprised how sore you will feel after an hour of moderately paced cycling…..

Not to forget your mind will also get a workout. Cycling is a test of mental clarity and it really forces you to be in the moment doing a good job at improving your reflexes whilst calming the mind.

4- Benefits of Burst Activity

Cycling by its nature is a stop start activity. There will be times when your peddling fast and times when your going slow, this is especially true in a city environment. Try the following:

  • Burst out of traffic lights when you can
  • Stop and relax gaining back breath when in traffic
  • Try and peddle with your calves from time to time (feel a burn)
  • Vary the speed of your cycling

By practicing what is written above you will get a great workout on your commutes around town.

5- Disease Busting Exercise

Biking for 30 minutes a day is not only a great stress reliever but it can help keep your body healthy. In spite of the benefits of strength training on their own I still think its imperative to participate in some Cardiovascular activity a few times a week for optimal health. The first and best option for this is a team sport (tennis doubles anyone?) next is something like this which would involve integrating sport into your everyday life. Thats why cycling is so great its something you do that holds great benefits and just becomes a part of everyday life rather than a chore.

People who participate in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week are shown to have far more positive moods and hold better natural protection again diseases.

Get On The Bike

All in all I feel having a bike and the ability to cycle is a great asset so its worth getting comfortable with a bike and untilizing the freedom it gives you. Just remember to stay focused and enjouy the process as wavering attention while cycling is not a good thing.

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