5 Shortcuts to Muscle Growth This Week

If you have some time to spare in the Gym this week I have a 1 week plan of action for maximal muscle growth for the week. Its basically a training/tip guide of what I would do for the week in order to gain muscle. After the week is done go back to your regular training program but this is a nice routine to shock the body into some hypetropy.

1-Volumize your Training

I normally do full body workouts once or twice a week in the gym and do the rest of my training outdoors and with body weight. Occasionally though I suggest a week of Volume training, go about his by splitting your body into something like this:

-Back and Shoulders

-Legs and Triceps

-Chest and Biceps

All you need to do is annihilate each one of these body parts once in the week. I would suggest spending 20-30 MInutes of the larger body parts (Legs, Back, Chest) and 10 minutes on the smaller one’s (Biceps and Triceps). Split this workout into alternate days if you can so either Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu/Sat.

2- Start Heavy then go Lighter

In order to get the most of this I would suggest starting each body part with a large compound exercise and do 5×5 (five sets of five reps) after this volumize the muscle with more isolation exercises for higher reps; for instance 3×12 for Lateral Raises.

Make sure you really work each muscle group in order to get maximum effect, really burn each one out and focus on working the muscle and generating tension when doing the sets….. (See Fitness Black Book for more…..)

3- Cod Liver Oil

For the week make sure you keep your intake of good fats high especially Cod Liver Oil. This is mainly due to its outstanding anti-inflammatory properties which will help deal with some of the soreness you will encounter. As well as this Cod Liver Oil is an amazing source of VItamin A which is an essential vitamin for our bodies production of anabolic hormones which will help repair the muscles.

‘Reduced inflammation from physical training’.- Charles Poliquin

Try and have a Tablespoon a day ideally with your first meal after your workout.

Also check out this article: Vitamin A: Bodybuilding’s Forgotten Nutrient…..

4- Keep Active On Off Days

As this plans reccomends training 3 days a week, you will have plenty of free time. Keep active on your off days by walking lots, taking bike ride’s and stretching sore muscles. Don’t do too much though as your body will need to conserve energy in order to repair the muscle’s and hypertrophy them from the weeks training.

I personally would recommend a few long walks or some yoga, but if you don’t have time or can only make it to a gym (office jobs) then by all means go to the gym and do 20 minutes on a cross trainer. As it will help flush your system of toxins and flush fresh blood into your muscles facilitating repair and recovery.

5- Let Hunger Dictate your Eating

This is something very important when gaining muscle. I am convinced that you cannot force feed yourself in order to gain muscle (unless you want to gain excess fat) therefore I suggest listening to your appetite, if your ravenously hungry after a workout then eat that way. If on the other hand you have no appetite one lunch time and feel light and energetic then for go lunch and get on with your day. Maybe picking up a light snack, eat a proper meal when your hunger comes around.

Our bodies are largely self regulating and they will naturally push your hunger and appetite up this week to repair the damaged muscles and gain you some size. Just Make sure you eat good foods I like Art De Vany’s nutritional guidelines……

Bonus Tips

  • Don’t eat for 2-3 hours before sleeping
  • Get Loads of Sleep (Simple guide to great sleep)
  • Eat a Good amount of Healthy Fat
  • Steak and Eggs will be your keys to growth

Also see my previous post on Muscle Building While Staying Lean for some more tips.

All Out Attack

See this method as something you should throw in a few times a year, maybe before a holiday or just for fun when you feel like changing things up. It should be an all out attack on each muscle group to trigger new growth, remember your body is fooled by randomness….

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