5 Simple & Tasty Breakfast Recipes

Natural Breakfast

Breakfast for people on the move who are trying to eat a wholefoods diet can be a tricky one. Unfortunately when we roam the streets these days we are presented with pastries and processed cereals as the only option for an on the go breakfast. Rest assured there is another way and here are some of my favorites. Some are lighter than others so pick accordingly on your level of appetite.

1- Eggs, Bacon and Fruit

This one is a classic and easy breakfast. Roll with it anyway you like just make sure you cook the eggs with some good fat (try Coconut OilButter, or Olive Oil) or even the excess fat from the bacon. Don’t add any processed modern oils. Thanks to Free the Animal for the picture!

2- Pumpkin, Whey and Berries

This is an old favorite of mine mainly due to its simplicity and the speed it can be made.

Step 1 – Stick half a can of Libby’s Pumpkin into a bowl

Step 2 – Throw in some Natural Whey or 1-2 Raw Eggs and belnd it up

Step 3 – Add the condiments. I like using a big handful of frozen blueberries plus some Nuts and Flaxseed. Add a dash of raw honey for extra sweetness.

Makes for a high fiber filling and convenient Paleo breakfast.

3- Berries, Nuts and Cream

This is a nice light way to start the day and it goes beautifully with a cup of black coffee. Simply grab some berries. I usually go for blueberries and throw them into a bowl. See them as the base, you are then free to experiment with some toppings. I love to throw on some Pecans, and coconut flakes and then drizzle with some Organic Single Cream. Enjoy with a side of fresh black coffee and you are in for a treat!

4- Paleo Shake

Not something I have gotten round to trying yet but it looks like convienient and easy way to get some healthy food in if your on the go!


5- Fruit, Nuts and Cheese

Another old school and simple favourite of mine. Most saturdays I head down to the local farmers market and pickup some Raw and Unprocessed local cheese. The stuff is delicious and is packed with healthy fats like CLA and packs a nice calcium punch along with a slow releasing dose of Protein.

Combo it up with some Fresh Fruit (A juicy Apple is good) and a selection of nuts and your in for a light but satisfying breakfast. Again its something that goes very nicely with a good cup of coffee.

Bonus Breakfasts

There are some great ideas for a Primal breakfast over at Nikki’s Blogspot where she provides a FREE PDF stacked with recipeies soc check it out….

Also Son of Grok gets real creative in the kitchen and has created a bunch of awesome stuff including the McSOG Breakfast Sandwich. So keep an eye on his blog.

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