7 Reasons to cut back on Alcohol

Alcohol is an evil thing it makes us feel good for a short amount of time by relaxing the body and mind. Ultimately though it leaves us feeling depressed and run down, don’t get me wrong I am all for a few beers or a glass of wine with dinner but binge drinking is something seriously detrimental…..

1- Keep your organs in check!

“Livers are Important” you can’t live without them hence the name! Drinking puts a huge amount of strain on your liver and pancreas and this damage can take a long time to heal, things like milk thistle can help them detox but ultimately why put them in such a position. Just avoid binge drinking….

2 – Watch Your Waist Shrink

Going out and drinking too much a few times a week will pile on the pounds. Calories from alcohol are basically empty apart from the anti-oxidants contained in a glass of quality red wine. So any excess alcohol calories especially when combined with food will turn straight into fat. Cut the drinking and watch your waist shrinking.

3 – Your Hormones will be Happy!

As we probably all already know testosterone and the rest of your hormones suffer from a serious whack when subjected to too much alcohol. Scott over at Modern FOrager did a great article on this over here….

There is up to a 44% decrease in testosterone after five drinks.

4 – Reclaim the day after

One of the worst things about drinking too much is that the next day becomes a write off. There is nothing worse than vegetating on a couch the whole day feeling lethargic and doing nothing after a hedonistic night of drinking. If you moderate your drinking and hydrate before bed you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed and free of any hangovers.

5 – Be Yourself

When you don’t debilitate yourself with alcohol you will stay yourself avoiding the drunkards path of talking gibberish all night. This will gain the admiration of friends and family who in spite of pushing you for one more drink will actually be very inspired and impressed that you know when to call it quits…. It will also allow you to work on your social skills. There is something surprisingly satisfying about being sober in a bar and making good conversation with good people.

6 – Save the cash

Lets face it drinking is expensive. If you can save the money you would normally spend on a weekend of binge drinking you will find that the next day along with being hangover free you will have a load mor emoney in your pocket to spend on useful stuff. Things like Books, DVD’s, or even a Kettlebell are all things you can buy with the money saved from a drinking session, that will help you progress in the journey of life.

7 – Appreciate the good stuff

Cutting back on your drinking will lead to you appreciating the higher quality stuff. There are some amazing wines and beers out there which have various health benefits; Red Wine is loaded with antioxidants like resvertol which is something we should all be getting in some form or another a few times a week. Why not invest the money you save in a high quality bottle of red wine each week which will serve you for a few dinners. You will find a natural transition as you cut back on your drinking the quality fo the alcohol you do drink will increase. Organic wines are something worth looking into as they are made without pesticdes which are the reason some cheaper wines can have a negative effect on your body.


Its a simple list, but its coming from someone who used to binge drink 2-3 times a week. I know first hand the stuff has a horrible effect on sleep, hormones, mood, energy and many other things. Since cutting back my drinking and learning to enjoy a glass of wine or a quality beer my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I hope this post will inspire a few people to change their drinking habits for the better in 2009.

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