Zen to Fitness is an online magazine supplying free weekly articles on Health and Fitness that can be read in under 5 minutes. The focus is a quality design/content and the site is ad-free.

We aim to offer articles and information concerning health and fitness in various formats – but the concept is simple, easy to follow advice that you can use in your day to day life.

We also have several top contributors from the health and fitness field who have featured in online magazines around the web – they are all credited in their articles. The writers are not necessarily fitness professionals (although most are), so readers should not make any important decisions based on the information published here alone. If you want more fitness/health advice, seek a trained health practitioner in person.

As of writing, there are hundreds of articles on Zen to Fitness. All very different but they carry a simple message and work as a guide to living a simpler, more healthy life.

Zen to Fitness has stopped taking comments. This is mainly due to the comment forms being used by commenters to promote their blogs or Spammers overloading the filters, this got in the way of good discussion from genuine readers. If you have commentary, praise, or questions about anything on Zen to Fitness, I would much rather you post it to your own site and link back (or reblog with same). If you would rather a one to one conversation, I welcome email (see below) and respond to @’s on Twitter. As do all the writers and contributors.

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