Simple Steps to Slow Ageing

Ageing is inevitable – that doesn’t mean we cannot slow it down or at least slow it to the pace that we meant to age. As more research comes out indicating the link between exercise and ageing it is clear there are many things we can do, easily on a daily basis that will slow the ageing process…

Here are a few simple things we should all be doing. It is a bonus they will prevent ageing and keep you fit…

Walk – Walking is the best exercise if your goal is general good health and general muscle preservation/flexibility. Even a short walk daily of around 20 minutes can make a deifference.

Moderate physical activity levels provide a protective effect against ageing – Dr. Tarnopolsky

Interval Training – Intensive exercise of some sort is essential in the preservation of our youthful genetics. It promotes all the youthful hormones in the body like growth hormone and testosterone as well as having a hormonally balancing effect. The best example is the tabata method…

In a nutshell you exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds and do this eight times for a total of 4 minutes training.Beware!  The 20 seconds exercise MUST be high intensity (this is also known as High Intensity Interval Training), ie you must perform the maximum number of reps of the given exercise as possible with good form.  The rest period is 10 seconds – no more, no less. – Tabata Training

Intervals needn’t be as intense as Tabata’s though. Simply sprinting for a quarter of a mile and then walking for a few minutes repeated 3-5 times is enough. Keep things simple but be sire to really go for it when you do exert yourself.

Resistance – This doesn’t mean resisting exercise but rather incorporating some form of resistance training. Whether it comes from your own bodyweight or hitting the weight room at the gym doesn’t matter. One of the most common and detrimental things that happens when we age is sarcopenia (muscle wastage) which makes us frail and weak. The only way to slow down this natural occurrence is to practice some kind of resistance training and bodyweight is a great way to start…

The truth is that weight training is not the only way to get stronger, and it isn’t even the best way. – Khaled Allen

Research continually shows that those who practice weight/resistance training have more muscle, less fat and feel better than those who do not.

Stretch – As we age our muscles also tend to get shorter, tighter and generally less supple. By practicing some kind of daily stretching we can prevent this from happening – Simple things like shoulder rolls in the morning or a cat stretch before bed at night can often be enough. Stretching has so many benefits…

  • Improved Circulation
  • Decreased Muscle tension
  • Increased Joint ROM (range of motion)
  • Better Co-Ordination
  • Improved Sports Performance
  • Faster recovery after exercise

By simply doing some kind of stretching daily you can reap all of the rewards. For a primer read this article….

While we all age we can work with ageing and add simple things to our daily lives that will keep us looking and feeling younger. Mixed with a healthy diet the tips above are all you need.


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