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Zen to Fitness is pleased to announce our new eBook: A guide on how to exercise, look and feel fit – All About Fitness.

It covers various topics but mainly focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of how to move, activate your metabolism and get healthy with minimum time and maximum results.

After years of being an avid exerciser I wanted to get around to sharing my thoughts and concepts on training – a compilation of the lessons learnt throughout the years.

This is not a conventional exercise book in the sense that you will find NO photos, diagrams and there is not exact template for what you should do. YouTube videos are linked to demonstrate exercises, stretches and mobilisation – this was an easy decision as diagrams and descriptions never work as well as real-time teaching or videos. Besides I wanted to sell a real product – not something filled with forms and photos.

You will learn about the concepts we believe in at Zen to Fitness – Hormonal Fitness vs Forced Fitness and Metabolic Zone Training to name a few. These are unique concepts that go with our ethos.

What you will find is a template for fitness and how to exercise in harmony with your body.This 15,000+ word book is easy to read and you can print it out and pass on to others.

I did this because most people don’t even getting around to reading half the stuff they buy as it is overwhelming or too filled with information we don’t want or need. ‘All About Fitness’ is concise, just covering the good stuff.


How to Purchase?

Simply click the buy now button below to pay with PayPal. You’ll receive a download link after payment.

I have started selling ‘All About Fitness’ at $14 which I think is a great price considering the time and effort that has gone into this e-book, plus the value you will get from the book. As well as this you will be contributing towards Zen to Fitness as a website and can access the archives of over 350 articles for FREE.


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