“All Natural” versus “Organic” – Busted!

Walking down the snack aisle of the grocery store, you can scan the shelves stocked with chips and snack crackers and see packaging with bright colors, eye popping graphics and words that appeal to the desire to be healthy. Those words are the same words that somehow fool us into thinking that chips can be good for you. Tell me exactly how a bright orange, leave a stain on your fingers kind of orange, puffy chip-like stick is “natural” as it states on the package. Seriously, who are you fooling? Apparently, many people. What about the rubbery, fruit shaped, rainbow colored fruit snacks that are “natural”? What is the definition of natural anyway? We should probably know what is meant by “natural” because it doesn’t mean the same thing as organic.

Ahh…the scent of sarcasm. I like it. But, the truth remains; ‘natural’ does not mean ‘organic’ and does not mean there are any standards or expectations that they have to meet or reach to put it on their label. So when you peruse the food aisles, think twice before believing everything you’re reading. Here’s a handy little chart to help you understand what is meant by “organic” when it’s on the label as “USDA organic”.


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