Improving Health And Performance Through Aerobic Fitness

Focus A sufficient degree of aerobic fitness provides numerous benefits. Many of these are health-related and result in an improved state of overall wellness. To achieve wellness does not require an excruciating, drop dead workout regimen. Wellness can be achieved, enhanced, and maintained with a consistent program of regular, moderate-intensity exercise. However, some benefits of […]

When Do You Need A Psychiatrist?

• Emotional health is indispensable to a sense of well-being, and sometimes we do need professional psychotherapy. • There is a great difference between a psychotic individual and a neurotic one. The psychotic usually requires hospitalization, but the neurotic, although he may be unhappy, can go through life without losing touch with reality. • The […]

Unconventional Bodyweight Exercises….

Recently I came across two great videos with a variety of Bodyweight exercises that I had never seen before. To carry on from my recent posts on minimal fitness and frugal fitness, these fit in perfectly. This post was inspired by checking out some exercise videos on YouTube really making me realise how efficient and versatile our own body weight and […]