A Dream May Be a Wish, But Not When It Has a Deadline (Part 1 of 4)

“When I grow up, I want to be a rock star and an NFL player,” dreams my 11 year old son.  We’ve all had some kind of big big dream. Do you remember any of your dreams? To be a Disney princess and have big twirly dresses, to sing like Belle on “Beauty and the Beast”, and […]

Developing and Maintaining Aerobic Fitness

Focus There is little doubt that a conscientious program of physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, significantly improves the health and wellness of the exerciser. What is more, evidence is mounting that the benefits of regular and continuing exercise can be enjoyed over an entire life span. It has been proven fairly convincingly that individuals who […]

Embedding Catgut in Tissue and Cupping

The embedding of catgut at acupuncture points is a therapy recently intro­duced by a Chinese medical group in Peking. A catgut suture is embedded around a selected point. As the catgut is absorbed into the tissue, continuous stimulation is produced at the acupuncture point which prolongs the effect and obviates the need for frequent needling. […]