Abs: Reasons for a Bodyweight Workout

There are so many ways to work your abs, machines or bodyweight. All kinds of angles and techniques… When it comes to the best exercises the majority are bodyweight based and pretty simple. With a six pack or toned torso being the number one priority for most people in the gym today a good collection of ab exercises that can be done equipment free is essential. And whilst gaining a toned stomach takes a lot more than simply ab exercises to achieve, consistent core workouts will help you in many ways….

Hanging Leg Raise – this is a great exercise that can be done at home, the gym or even on a branch of a tree when outdoors. It works deep into the core and by playing around with the angle and raining the knees up-to the sides you can work deeper into the obliques. It also works to strengthen and lengthen the upper body – your arms are forced to work hard in order to support the body.

Crunch Variations – The video below shows a few variations on the standard ab crunch which progress in terms of difficulty. The main thing the video shows is the amount of variation that can be done from one simple laying down position with just your bodyweight and a mat.

By doing a simple 10 minute circuit of bodyweight ab exercises each week you will experience several benefits:

  • Better Posture
  • Improved performance and power when playing sports
  • Injury Prevention – A strong set of core muscles helps prevent or minimize such damage by providing more an efficient weight-bearing mechanism.
  • A more stable platform for everyday life
  • Improved Balance and Co-ordination – Core training creates more and better links between your brain – specifically your cerebellum – and your body. The cerebellum is responsible for muscular coordination, balance, and positional awareness – proprioception – your body’s awareness of its positioning in three-dimensional space.
  • Strong Abs look Good!

Start your core training circuit by picking 3 exercises and doing them each back to back for one minute. Take a short break then repeat. This simple circuit done 3 times leads to a 10 minute abdominal session that will give you all the benefits listed above. You can throw it in first thing in the morning, while you are out for a run, or at the end of a gym session. After keeping it up consistently for 2-3 weeks you will start to notice huge differences.

While a strong core does come from doing compound exercises supplementing that kind of training with more targeted ab work is the key to a strong and athletic body.


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