Boost Digestion With Carrot Salad….

Carrots are a great food in general – They are packed with Vitamins, Enzymes and Minerals, are cheap and easy to find plus they hold anti-viral properties and are packed with fibre. This post though is not about the benefits of carrots but rather about how you can use Carrots and a few other ingredients to make a great tasting, easy to make salad with medicinal properties. This salad will help:

  • Boost Your Digestion – by providing various enzymes, digestive aids….
  • Cleanse – Working as an Anti-Viral clearing your Intestines of parasites and pathogens
  • Help Breakdown – Of Fats and Protein, The salad contain Apple Cider Vinegar which is a potent digestive aid as its acidity helps your stomach acid out when digesting meals.
  • Boost Anti-Oxidants – The carrots contain a vast array of anti-oxidants as do the other ingredients. Mopping up the Free Radicals…
  • Easy to Store – It stays good for days, so you can make a big batch and use it throughout the week.

The most important part of this carrot salad is that the carrots are Grated this ensures a better absorbtion and expression of the nutrients. I found an interesting study as to why this is the case:

Carrots may be under achievers. Healthy and good for one’s eyes and many other body organs, yes, but they could be so much more, researchers say. A major stress in a carrot’s life – like the slash of a kitchen knife – and the tapered tuber kicks in the juice and pumps up its phytochemicals.

Not to mention it also makes things taste a lot better, pre-digests the carrots to some extent and allows them to release their soothing carrot oil. So for this Reciepe you will need:

  • 3-5 Fresh Carrots (depending on carrot size)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Preferably raw unfiltered)
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Touch of Honey (optional)

So here’s the easiest way to put it together – I find doing to dressing first the easiest, so grab a large bowl and pour in 4 parts Vinegar to 1 part Olive Oil. So this usually comes to around 8-10 TBSP’s of ACV and 2-3 of Olive Oil. Of course you can add varying amounts according to your taste, make sure to emphasise the vinegar though as it is a key ingredient.Next throw in a generous amount of black pepper and sea salt  and stir in about 1 TSP of honey. Give it all a good blend and put to one side.

Next come the carrots, grate them coarsely cutting off the top and bottom off the carrot, there is no need to peel them but do make sure you wash them thoroughly. Once this is done add the carrots to the dressing, wash your hands and mix it all together by hand. This is far more efficient and gets a better mixing than any spatulas could. And there you have it the digestion boosting carrot salad.

It is best to eat this at the start of a meal and leave it to sit for about 5 minutes before moving onto your main food. This gives all the enzymes, and other digestive aids an opportunity to get to work. It also gives the anti-viral properties carrots a chance to work and clear out any potential parasites. The best thing about this salad is it gets better with time as the sauces marinate together and flavours get enhanced.

After eating this salad a couple of times a week before dinner or as a snack you will find that your digestion will become more robust and that you will start feeling better in general.

This post is a taster for an e-book I have in the works with various simple recipes that not only taste good and are easy to make, but also hold healing and medicinal properties…..

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