Aquatic Exercise

Focus A collective “ahhh” emerges from the group of women who step slowly into the pool. Laughter, light conversation, and vigorous yet nimble movements create an experience of shared joy. Together, they’ve discovered a private liquid weight room that offers natural support for freedom of movement. The resistive and supportive environment also provides a time-efficient […]

Circuit and Interval Training

Focus Two popular aerobic cross-training methods are: (a) circuit training, and (b) interval training. They are often used by individuals in the maintenance phase of conditioning who want variety in their workouts in order to prevent boredom and injury due to overuse. However, they both offer other benefits and advantages to athletes and special populations. An advantage they both […]

Some Useful Methods of Flexibility Training

Definition, Purpose, and Duration Definition Flexibility training is focused on increasing the joint mobility, the flexibility of muscles, and reduction of the muscular tension. When performed as a segment of a class, it usually takes place in conjunction with a post-aerobic cool-down, or the final relaxation segment. Some common flexibility-based classes include fitness stretching and […]

Yoga – Eastern vs Western Philosophy

Focus Never before in history have so many of the world’s great healing traditions been so accessible. Their teachers, texts, and techniques afford the opportunity to better understand our own fitness theories and practices in the light of so many other “ways of knowing.” Yoga is just such a light. Despite its comprehensiveness (most of […]

Common Methods of Muscular Strength and Endurance Training

In a group exercise setting, exercises will involve either concentric, eccentric, or isometric muscular contractions. Concentric Muscular Contraction: A concentric contraction occurs when tension generated by the muscle is sufficient to overcome a resistance, and moves (at a joint) a body segment of one attachment toward the segment of its other attachment (e.g., the upward […]

Common Injuries in Group Exercise

The focus of this article  is to create an awareness of injuries, the occurrence of which is somewhat common to the group exercise class setting. Recognition of injury potential, common injuries, and first-aid responses may be instrumental in protecting students, instructors, and even the activity itself. The decision to teach exercise programs comes with inherent […]

Busted! 5 Fitness and Health Tips That May Make You Cry.

Editors Note: This is a contribution from Sergeant Michael Volkin, best-selling author of military books and inventor of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight fitness cards. Another interesting post from Michael – We often get lured away into the mindset that certain things work or don’t work in the world of health and fitness. Here are five of the most common myths busted! […]

A Short Introduction to Kettlebells

How it began? Kettlebells began as a form of showmanship and entertainment rather than the fitness tool they have become today. Their use started in during city festivals and Russian men would use them to display their strength, balance, coordination and stamina. After the first world war they slowly evolved into a fitness tool as weightlifting and […]