Tabata Training – A Workout For Those Who Are Too Busy To Exercise

“I don’t have time.” That’s one of the biggest reasons used for not working out. I get it. You have your 9 to 5 (which many people put in more time than scheduled). You have your family, your kids’ activities, your committee meetings, volunteer work and other necessary obligations. Who has time for working out? […]

Essentials of Exercise

Shoulder complex The shoulder complex is composed of three bones: (a) the clavicle (collarbone), (b) the scapula (shoulder blade), and (c) the humerus (arm bone). These bones, together with the scapular and shoulder muscles and connective tissue, perform the complicated task of allowing dynamic stability. The shoulder complex has a larger range of motion than any other part of the body. […]

Tabata Style Boxing Workout #3: HIIT it!

The way this workout is used requires some dedication and determination. It’s focus is the shoulders with some cardiovascular active rests. It won’t feel exactly like the other two workouts we’ve done this month because it’s boxing focused AND it has active recovery segments rather than 10 seconds of stopping and resting. Because it won’t […]