Study Finds Facebook Users Prone To Eating Disorders

The University of Haifa conducted a study on the connection between eating disorders, adolescent girls and their Facebook usage. They found that the more time girls spent on Facebook, the higher their chances of developing a negative self image causing disorders from anorexia and bulimia to extreme dieting. While exposure to fashion, music and other […]

The Management of Chronic Pain with Acupuncture

The use of acupuncture for pain control is less controversial. In 1973, the New York State Commission on Acupuncture summarized its recommendation as follows: “Acupuncture may bring partial or total relief from some acute or chronic pain conditions; it may restore to a healthful state in certain disorders; it can be in selected cases an […]

Fear Kills! How Unhealthy Amounts of Fear Can Make You Kick the Bucket Early

A little bit of fear is always a good thing. Fear gets us up and moving every morning, especially if we do not want to end up jobless and eking out a living foraging for scraps on the street. Fear is also the motivator that helps us ace that exam in order to avoid repeating […]

The Cardiorespiratory System: Structure, Function, and Exercise Application

Heart Location and Structure The heart is a muscular organ located in the chest, or thoracic cavity, diagonally behind the breastbone, or sternum. Shaped and sized similarly to that of a clenched fist, this relatively small organ performs a tremendous amount of work to maintain life processes. Even at rest, the amount of blood pumped […]