Commonly Used Acupuncture Points

The essential 100 acupuncture points are described in this article. These include 84 classical meridian and 16 extrameridian (EM) points which are those most commonly used in acupuncture practice today. These points are all recommended in the Handbook for Barefoot Doctors, which has a wide distribution in present-day China. Each point is described by name, serial number, meridian number, anatomical location, and blood and nerve supply. Indications for use and method of needling are also given in detail. The points are organized as follows:

Head and neck – 21 points
Thorax and abdomen – 11 points
Upper and lower back – 12 points
Upper extremity – 18 points
Lower extremity – 22 points
Extrameridian – 16 points

An index of acupuncture points has been included at the end of these aticles. It should be used in conjunction with the material in this chapter because it provides a useful cross-reference to the 100 points discussed. It provides a complete compendium of the 361 classical meridian points listed by serial number (0-360) and grouped together according to the meridians on which they are located. Also listed are 37 extrameridian points, many of them only recently discovered. These are included because of their reported usefulness. Brief anatomical descriptions of all points are also given. A black circle identifies the 100 points discussed in detail in this article.

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