Dangers Of Conventional Body Products

The skin is our biggest organ and it is permeable. Although it is designed to act as a barrier modern day chemicals found in many of the products we use will penetrate the skin and pollute the body.

A Typical Morning

Wake up and head to the bathroom and get in the shower. Grab the shampoo and start washing your hair, follow that up with a big scoop of conditioner and scrub the body with some kind of “Aqua Fresh” body wash.

Jump out the shower dry up and take some body lotion to moisturise that dry skin. Next grab the razor and shaving cream and clear away that overnight stubble for the day at work, then apply some after shave balm and of course the deodorant before heading off to get dressed and spray on a bit of cologne…..

Look and Feel Fresh…

Sadly though the stuff you are using everyday is having a profound effect on your body and health. Let’s have a look:

  • Your Shampoo and Body Lotion probably contain Cocamide DEA which is a carcinogenic and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a mutagen.
  • Most Conditioners contain methylisothiaolinone which is currently being investigated for its cancer causing effect and being another mutagen.
  • Shaving cream contains a-pinene another cancer causer it also damages the immune system.
  • The moisturizer you just put on contains henol carbolic acid, which can cause circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma and death as a result of respiratory failure.
  • Your Toothpaste will probably be loaded with these as well as fluoride which stirs up a load of debate…..

Now this all sounds pretty dire doesn’t it and the purpose of this post is not to scare monger but rather inform you of the dangers. In all honesty I believe the human body is pretty strong and can withstand a good hit of toxins for a prolonged time without becoming sick, So feel free to use these products on occasions but when it comes to everyday use I prefer to steer clear of them at the expense of smelling extra fresh…..

Not only are many of these substances damaging to the bodies tissue, most of them can have a hormonal effect such as the fluoride in your toothpaste which is known to adversely affect the thyroid or that many of the modern cosmetic products are oestrogen forming in the body and cause a build up of toxins which is further blocked by the skin which is a detox organ being covered in creams and lotions that stop it detoxing.

What to Use?

There are a host of body products out there which are natural and ideally you should look for something free of Parabens and Sodium Laureth Sulfate as well as artificial colours and fragrances. I like to keep it simple and only keep on hand a handful of natural cosmetics.

  1. Dr. Bronners Soap (The No.1 thing you should own in this department)
  2. Aloe vera based Toothpaste
  3. Natural moisturiser with essential oils
  4. Natural Deodorant (I like Toms of Maine)
  5. Coconut oil for dry skin and hair

That is about all. I don’t get obsessive over it and when I need to will occasionally use a conventional product – When you can though stick to some of the natural basics mentioned above……

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